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DriveWorks Reseller Applications Engineer Rewards

The annual CPD program is a rewards program for Certified DriveWorks Professionals at all DriveWorks resellers, the winner of the program’s biggest prize has just been announced!

Congratulations to Lee Herron from Javelin Technologies!

This CPD year has already been record breaking, with more active users and more points registered than ever before. As with last year’s CPD program, the person at the top of the leader board at the end of Q3 has won their flights paid for to DriveWorks World!

This year the prize goes to Lee Herron from one of our Canadian Resellers – Javelin Technologies! Lee has worked with many of our DriveWorks customers and prospects demonstrating the functionality of DriveWorks and helping Javelin customers create great implementations.

Lee will be joining the DriveWorks Team, alongside many of our users and resellers from around the world, at DriveWorks World in Atlanta Georgia on March 6th!

DriveWorks World will see the release of DriveWorks 15, a brand new set of training manuals used in Track 1 and advanced topics to help you take your projects to the next level covered in Track 2.

If you plan on joining us all in Atlanta don’t hang around to book as the closing date for registration is today!

The second and third place CPD prizes are still up for grabs and will be presented at DriveWorks World, so don’t stop registering your credits in the CPD Project!

Congratulations once again to Lee and see you in Atlanta!