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DriveWorks Pro Tech Tip: Automating Your Backups

ThePack and Go functionalityinsideDriveWorks Data Managementis a great tool that lets you take a copy of your existing DriveWorks Group and package it into a .drivepkg file.

You can select which data from your existing Group, along with additional files, that you want to include. Once a .drivepkg is created, you can move the file to the required location and unpack it, to create a new Individual Group that includes a copy of your packed implementation with the correct references. This makes it a great way to quickly create backups of your implementation that can be moved and restored easily.

To make this process even easier, you can automate the creation of these backups using thePack and Go Specification Macro Taskincluded inside theSpecification PowerPack. You can getDriveWorks Autopilotto run this on a schedule, automating even more, using theDriveWorks Autopilot Schedule Connector.

DriveWorks Tech Tips

You can download an example Project that demonstrates this functionality by going to theTech Tips Portaland downloading the Pack and Go Tech Tip.

This Tech Tip allows you to create a .drivepkg file including Project from the same Group. This means, after unpacking, you will need to move the downloaded Project into a Group with other Projects using the Import Project or Copy Group functionality.

DriveWorks Learning Portal

There are also courses inside the DriveWorks Learning Portal that walk you throughPackaging Your Implementation Using the DriveWorks Pack & Go ToolandAutomating DriveWorks Deployment.