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DriveWorks – Online Product Configurator for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet

Use DriveWorks on the go with an Online Product Configurator for mobile and tablet.

Imagine you are a sales rep or distributor visiting a customer. They’re telling you all of their product requirements and you’re hurriedly scribbling down their specifications on a piece of paper. You have no idea if some of these complex design changes are possible but you’ll check with the engineers when you’re back in the office.

Now imagine if instead, you could open up a browser on your mobile or tablet and design and configure custom products, to the customer’s exact specifications, in minutes, right in front of them. Any changes made will be updated in the 3D model and the sales and manufacturing documentation will be generated automatically.

With DriveWorks Pro as an Online Product Configurator, you can configure custom products wherever you are.

To see this in action, visit

and have a go at configuring your own custom trailer.