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DriveWorks: First Steps

What are the first things you should do when setting up DriveWorks Pro?

Find out by watching the Tech Team Thursday Webinar on 30th April.

Every Thursday, the DriveWorks Tech Team share their knowledge with DriveWorks Pro Customers on Subscription Support and Reseller AEs.

Tech Team Thursday Webinars often cover in-depth, more advanced features but this week we’re going back to basics to guide you through how to set your projects up correctly.

Following these steps will provide you with a solid foundation for building great DriveWorks projects.

If you have just purchased DriveWorks Pro, this Webinar will be a great way for you to understand the help and resources available to you, as well as the best ways to get started with DriveWorks.

The DriveWorks: First Steps Webinar will be hosted by Tom, DriveWorks Applications Engineer.

Tom will look at what you need to do to get started with DriveWorks Pro, he will demonstrate and explain in detail:

The DriveWorks Community
How to download and install DriveWorks
How to license DriveWorks
How to activate a license when offline
Some useful Help File topics
License troubleshooting
How to create your first Group and Project

This Webinar will help you to help yourself by showing you where to find relevant tips, answers and advice.

If you havent set up your projects yet and you need some advice on where to start, this Webinar will be a great guide. Tom will show you how to set up DriveWorks correctly and find the answers you may need along the way.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the Webinar.

Sign up for the Webinar now through the DriveWorks Community.