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DriveWorks Drivers March Meeting Round Up

Last week, we were excited to host the second DriveWorks Drivers virtual networking meeting!

Connecting DriveWorks Users

Back in December, we hosted the first-ever DriveWorks Drivers virtual networking meeting. The first meeting was a huge success and it was great to see 90 DriveWorks users join us.

DriveWorks Drivers is an opportunity for DriveWorks users from around the world to connect, share ideas and talk DriveWorks!

Sharing technical know-how and practical experience informally with each other is something we know many people using DriveWorks like to do.

However as DriveWorks World is only once a year, we decided to use technology to set up a new digital event to help DriveWorks users connect more often and without the need to travel.

DriveWorks Drivers is a value add for people using DriveWorks Solo or Pro software with an active subscription. We also invite authorized Applications Engineers from our VARs with a DriveWorks focus, who can contribute to the conversations too.

DriveWorks Drivers Second Virtual Meeting

After the success of the first meeting and lots of positive feedback from attendees, we decided to keep the event in the same format.

Once again, the event was split into two Microsoft Teams meetings, the first DriveWorks Drivers networking event took place at 3pm GMT and the second took place at 9pm GMT.

During the 3pm GMT meeting, we were excited to be joined by 57 DriveWorks users and 41DriveWorks users in the 9pm GMT meeting.

It was great to welcome even more enthusiastic DriveWorks users to share and connect.

Here’s just some of them!

3pm (GMT)

9pm (GMT)

Technical Updates, Networking and Much More

The aim of DriveWorks Drivers is to create a space for DriveWorks users to share DriveWorks knowledge,ideas and connect with each other.

Whilst all DriveWorks Drivers meetings will be user-led, we wanted to give the opportunity for DriveWorks users to learn a bit more about our team and what we get up to.

During the meeting, we were joined by a member of the technical team, Ian Prossor. Ian shared what he has been working on recently for DriveWorks 19, his focus on creating content for Digital DriveWorks World and how we use a configurator to order our Fish & Chips on a Friday!

As well as lots of exciting conversations taking place, we also tested our customer’s and reseller’s DriveWorks knowledge with a special DriveWorks quiz!

Guest Presenters

We know how important it is for DriveWorks users to share ideas and tips with each other.

Customer presentations will be a big part of all DriveWorks Drivers meetings. We were extremely excited to welcome more DriveWors Drivers guest presenters to this session.

Zach Long – CHL Systems

First up in the 3pm meeting Zach Long, from CHL Systems shared his DriveWorks story.

CHL Systems are a design/build system integration company that provides custom engineered solutions based in Souderton,PA. CHL Systems first purchased DriveWorks Pro in 2018. They had the goal of implementing a conveyor configurator and taking design time from 40+ hours down to 8-12 hours.

Zach spoke about how CHL Systems implemented its DriveWorks project. Starting off automating subassemblies, they can now easily make an entire conveyor or only subassembly.

It was great to hear about the huge time savings CHL Systems are making when configuring conveyors. We loved to see the presentation sparked an interesting discussion on how to approach a DriveWorks project and overcome any challenges that may come along.

Joe Miller – D.S.Brown

Next up Joe Miller from D.S.Brown took the floor. D.S.Brown provides expansion joint systems and speciality products for bridges around the globe. Based in Ohio, Joe started as an engineering manager 21 years ago. In 2016, they developed a project to switch from 2D CAD, to SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks, as well as introducing a PLM system.

Before implementing data automation, approximately 70% of data entry was redundant work with multiple tools being needed to capture and share data between departments.

After implementing DriveWorks, much of this process is now automated. As a user works through a specification, the project automates the generation of documents, 3D model creation, Bills of materials and even custom terms and conditions forms.

Niels Christian Eskelund – Green Box

During the 9 pm meeting, we heard from Niels Christian Eskelund based in Denmark. Niels first stared using DriveWorks at his previous company. He began using it in his role at Green Boxin 2016. Green Box produces and delivers prefabricated bathrooms in an innovative and lightweight construction with a concrete floor. They make bathrooms on a line with 16 bathrooms a day shipped out.

Green Box has been using DriveWorks to build an entire bathroom. Right now they have the shell and production drawings. The future goal is to use DriveWorks Liveto bring out a DriveWorks configurator for customers and architects to configure the bathrooms.

It was great to hear that in the future Niels will be continuing to implement as much as possible into DriveWorks and continue making use of the new DriveWorks Learning Portal.

What’s Next?

We were delighted to welcome so many DriveWorks users to the second DriveWorks Drivers virtual networking meeting.

It was great to see everyone interacting and talking all things DriveWorks.

We will be hosting four DriveWorks Drivers events each year, with the next one scheduled for June 2021.

If you would like to register your interest for the next event, please get in touch with us.