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DriveWorks Drivers 3rd Anniversary Round Up

On December 7th, we celebrated the 3rd year anniversary of DriveWorks Drivers by hosting our 4th and final meetings of the year. DriveWorks Drivers was hosted via Microsoft Teams at 3pm (GMT) and 3pm (NZDT). Hosting at different times has provided the opportunity for our global community to join at a time that suits them.

Thank you to all that attended to help us celebrate 3 years of sharing technical knowledge, networking and creating a space to connect DriveWorks users from around the world.

Since we began hosting DriveWorks Drivers in 2020, we have really seen the value of getting together quarterly to share knowledge from our own team as well as talk to DriveWorks users from all kinds of industries who are using DriveWorks software.

We had about 100 people in attendance as we shared news, stories and technical content.

CPQ Presentation Autex

Mark Deng & Luke Walker from Autex Acoustics presented how they utilized DriveWorks CPQ to be Autex’ sales tool for their sales team to use in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia and the USA to manage sales orders for different regions with different price lists.

Mark also presented how they built a project for managing the workflow of the bespoke products, where a DriveWorks workflow is used in CPQ with logic to define the required action depending on the type of products in the order.

Mark explained how they utilized the enhanced form technology in DriveWorks 21 using the new Responsive Form Project Template to build an elegant form with the best user experience.

Exception Reporting, Ian Prossor Principal Applications Engineer

At our 3PM GMT session, our guest co-host, Ian Prossor, provided a surprising look at the inner workings of how the DriveWorks Technical Team handles the exception reports that DriveWorks generates. Ian showed us how an automation project (written in DriveWorks) actively notifies our Technical Support and Development Teams, allowing them to connect your individual crash report to open or new issues (so, make sure that you fill in the information!).

DriveWorks Challenge

Paul Gimbel announced the winners to the third DriveWorks Challenge, and presented six different ways that the optimization problem could be solved with DriveWorks (they’re all in the DriveWorks Learning Portal, if you’re curious). This was followed by the reveal of Challenge #4, all about the creative use of graphics, which will run until the next DriveWorks Drivers session in March.

DriveWorks Tips & Tricks

Everyone had a chance to experience the first DriveWorks Pub Quiz, completely run on DriveWorks. Everyone in both of our meetings was provided a link and a password to join the quiz about DriveWorks Drivers and DriveWorks Tips and Tricks. We all had fun playing along in this live, multi-player environment. It was all powered by a DriveWorks project hosted in an Azure Cloud cluster deployed (experimentally) using container technology by our CTO, Philip Stears. It was an amazing demonstration of this never-deployed technology stack.

Final Ascent Specification Hosting

Our DriveWorks Sherpa, Paul Gimbel, rounded out both sessions with our Final Ascent segment focused on Specification Hosting. Paul took us up Implementation Mountain following the Specification Host trail. We explored what Specification Hosts are and went through some examples of how they can be used, including a modular user interface, a Project Updater project, a Library Generation project, and a Testing Automation project.

See You in March!

If you have an idea for a future DriveWorks Drivers meeting, drop us an email at

Join us on March 14th for our next meeting of DriveWorks Drivers – we will have a preview of DriveWorks World 2024.