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DriveWorks Customer Success Story: How Würth Implemented DriveWorks for Efficient Screw Configurations

The Würth Group is the global market leader for assembly and fastening materials. Central to their success is Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, the largest company in the Würth Group, based in Künzelsau, Germany.

Since 2022, with the support of their DriveWorks reseller, Bechtle PLM Deutschland GmbH, they have harnessed the power of DriveWorks to revolutionize their product customization, specifically focusing on their extensive wood screw range.

Learn more about the business benefits Würth achieved with DriveWorks technology.

Embracing Automation with DriveWorks

Before the implementation of DriveWorks, the process of creating custom wood screw models was labor-intensive and time-consuming. Each variant required a design engineer to manually create an individual CAD file in SOLIDWORKS. Given the diversity in customer requirements, with five different diameters and twenty lengths per screw type, this was a lengthy manual process.

Würth needed a solution that could streamline the process, minimize human error, and accelerate production.

By integrating DriveWorks with SOLIDWORKS, Würth developed a product configurator for their wood screws. The configurator automates the creation of custom wood screw models, drastically reducing the time and effort involved. There are over 1,400 possible configurations of the screw, with parameters including; head shape, thread geometry and milling elements.

How their Screw Configurator Works

The screw configurator captures the dimensions and features of each screw in a structured format using tables and rules. Users can select the required specifications from pre-set diameter and length options, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Once the specifications are entered, DriveWorks automatically generates the CAD data for the screw configuration. This data is then stored securely within DriveWorks.

Benefits of Automation

The implementation of DriveWorks has delivered several benefits for Würth:


The automation of custom model creation has significantly reduced the time required to produce each variant. What once took hours now takes minutes, freeing up design engineers to focus on more complex tasks.


Manual creation of CAD files was prone to errors. With DriveWorks, the risk of human error is minimized, ensuring each model is accurate and meets the specified requirements.

Ease of Use

DriveWorks’ rules-based technology is user-friendly and does not require programming knowledge. This ease of setup enabled Würth to quickly implement the configurator and train new users efficiently.

Looking Ahead: Expanding Access to Customers

With the success of their internal configurator, they now plan to extend this technology to their customers. By making the screw configurator accessible via their website, Würth plans to enable customers to configure and order custom screws directly. This will enhance customer experience, providing a seamless and interactive way to meet their specific needs.

Embracing Automation With DriveWorks

Read the full customer case study of how DriveWorks Authorized Reseller, Bechtle PLM Deutschland GmbH, supported Würth to build a configurator to automate the creation of custom screw models.

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