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DriveWorks Basics of Specification Flow and Macro Buttons

A SOLIDWORKS WorldBreak Out Session

If you’re going to be at SOLIDWORKS World in Dallas nextyear, don’t miss any of the Design Automation presentations.

On Monday, February 1st, Michael Jolley, an Applications Engineer from DriveWorks reseller TriMech, will be presenting a breakout session on ‘DriveWorks Basics of Specification Flow and Macro Buttons’.

In the hour long breakout session, starting at 1.30pm, you will:

  • Learn how to use the DriveWorks Pro Specification Flow and Specification Macros to make your projects better.
  • Learn to modify the Specification Flow to suit your own needs.
  • Learn to remove the standard navigation buttons and build your own to load forms into frame controls

During the session you will learn a lot from Michael’s 14 years+ of experience with SOLIDWORKS and related products.

After the session:

  • You will be better prepared to control the process that the end users will have with their projects.
  • DriveWorks Administrators will be able to replace ambiguous navigation buttons with their own wording andcompletely customize the navigation.
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