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DriveWorks and PDM

Can I use DriveWorks with our company’s PDM system?


This kind of question is one that we often hear, and the great news is that DriveWorks Pro Configurator projects can be integrated in to your companies PDM system as well as other company systems.

The beauty of DriveWorks software lies in its flexibility.

Through combining rules with calculations, it is possible to take an input from many different data sources, use it to perform calculations, and then pass that information on to another company system.

Product Data Management relies on accurate and timely information on your products and with DriveWorks any new variation that you make, and any subsequent change, can easily be stored with all the corresponding information, for access at a later stage.

Using DriveWorks with your PDM system is the perfect match. Creating new variations, each with different specifications, requires a standardised naming system in order to build a library of product orders and variations. DriveWorks has out of the box integration with SolidWorks EPDM so it can output variants with the correct names and information forming the perfect companion for storing and organising product data.

Rather than spending your time fishing for old drawings or specifications, with DriveWorks you can ensure that your product data is error free and named correctly, then automatically passed to your PDM system for archival.

For more information on DriveWorks and integration with your PDM system please email or contact your local reseller.