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Dolphin Solutions Reduce Design Time and Create a Great Customer Experience with DriveWorks Pro

Dolphin Solutions is reducing its design time while improving customer service, with DriveWorks Pro

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Dolphins Solutions, headquartered in Robertsbridge UK, design and supply a range of products and accessories for commercial washrooms.

Robert Allen, Product Design Manager and main DriveWorks Administrator at Dolphin Solutions, tells us how they have implemented the software.

Dolphin Solutionspurchased DriveWorks in 2017 to createan online sales configurator tool that would help them to achieve two key targets:

  • Reduce Design Resources
  • Create a Great Customer Experience

Before Implementing DriveWorks

Before using DriveWorks, Robert manually designed each individual bespoke mirror unit from scratch inside SOLIDWORKS. He also manually created all the production files for the product. The sales team handled the initial request. Robert took the information from sales and designed the unit. This then needed to be signed off before being sent to production. This was a lengthy and time-consuming process, involving a lot of back and forth between Robert and the sales team. They needed to ensure the design for the bespoke product matched the customers specification, and met manufacturing standards.

Automating Drawing Creation

To save even more design time, Dolphin Solutions have also automated the creation of drawings. The process used to be manual, but now with DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS working together, a drawing is automatically generated for each specification, ready for manufacturing.

Capturing Customer Data

Customer details are captured on the last page of the form, and they are given a unique ID. This allows Dolphin to track orders and assign the ID to the customers project.

An email alert is also triggered when a specification is complete, automatically sending an email to the sales and marketing team, with information such as the customer’s name, email, phone number and company.

The customer also receives an email automatically as confirmation of their request.

The days and weeks are cut down to minutes and hours, because our customers are finding their final design much quicker. They can see all their options and the drawings are generated automatically.

Robert Allen, Product Design Manager, Dolphin Solutions

Dolphin's step-by-step process of an order

Reducing Design Time

Once DriveWorks was introduced, thesales process was completely transformed.

The sales team can now take theconfigurator toolto thecustomers on laptops and tablets.

They canguide the customer through the product optionsand submit an order straight to the design team.

Errors have also beensignificantly reduced, as the automated process ensures thatevery product option selected is manufacturableand isready to be sent to the manufacturing floor.

Great Customer Experience

Dolphin have created an aesthetically pleasing, easy to use online configurator, with all the relevant information.

The configurator guides the customer through the configuration process easily.

Guided Selling

Each time a selection is made, the online configurator takes the customer a step closer to a final design. Based on the previous selections, options will become greyed out if they are unavailable. The Tooltip Text property is used to display extra information when a customer hovers over a control. This declutters the form and also ensures that the customer inputs the correct information.

Dolphins configurator has been live for over 2 years now and they are consistently recording more interaction with it month on month, with a slight dip owing to the global pandemic.

When asked how theyve achieved so much success with DriveWorks, Robert says that a huge factor is being given dedicated time to work on DriveWorks.

Thank you to Robert Allen, Product Design Manager and main DriveWorks Administrator, for sharing his experience using DriveWorks for Dolphin Solutions.

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