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DriveWorks Live Examples – Form Embedded in Existing Website


This demo is great for showing how DriveWorks projects work embedded in an existing website. Although projects can be made to look how the Administrator wants them to e.g. adding branding, some companies would prefer for the project to not navigate the User away from their website.

The other DriveWorks Live projects I have featured have been products that I see every day and understand the purpose of – a chair, a lorry. This time I have chosen a Hydraulic Cylinder.With noengineering background, I do not know what this particular product is used for. However – with the help of DriveWorks – I can ensure that the selections I make for my product are feasible. This proves that once set up by an engineer that understands the ins-and-outs and the rules of the product, any person can run through a project, freeing up engineers to work on innovation and developing new products.

These are the few short steps I ran through:

1. Visit demo site.

2. Click on the ‘Multiple projects embedded in an existing web site’ square.

3. Choose an item to configure – in this case a Hydraulic Cylinder.

4. Make selections of how you would like the product to be – technical requirements.


5. Click on ‘preview’ to see a 3D Preview of the actual cylinder you have configured.

6. If you want to go back and make changes you can – then click preview again.

7. You can turn the 3D preview roundand zoom in and out to ensure that you (or your client) get a true picture of what the overall product will look like when manufactured.


8. Then it is important to enter the correct contact details – you will see the ‘warning’ triangles disappear when all information has been entered – you can then proceed to click ‘submit’.


9. Then the sales and manufacturing documents will be emailed to you.

So, in about 5 minutes, I managed to design a hydraulic cylinder and view it in 3D, make some changes and view it again to ensure it is configured exactly to the required specification. Then, by entering a couple of details and clicking submit, I received all the documents needed to complete the sale and start the manufacturing process – what a time saver!

Feedback from a Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer using DriveWorks:

Without DriveWorks, the design time would be doubled, if not tripled