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DriveWorks Live Example – Entrance Canopy





This DriveWorks Live demo begins by detecting whether the user is running on a Desktop or a Mobile device, as this will change the appearance of the form. The user is also able to choose what font style and colour they would like. This is an excellent way of demonstrating DriveWorks Form Technology providing the options to choose from and the rules based technology working behind the scenes that allows these changes to happen seamlessly.

Here are the few short steps taken to configure the perfect canopy, in a form design chosen by the user:

1. Visit the demo site.

2. Select the Entrance Canopy demo.

3. Choose the font colour and style desired.

4. Select the currency you wouldlike the canopy to be priced in.

5. Then it’s time to configure the dimensions of the canopy.

6. Followed by the foundations and frame colour.

Configure caopy




7. Then view the summary of the choices that have been made and add (or take away) any extras.

8. Simply add in contact details and click submit.

Canopy details




9. You will then receive an email including all relevant Excel/Word documents and models/drawings.

Canopy docs









Have a go yourself and configure an entrance canopy to your exact specifications!