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Customer Spotlight – Seth Dallman of PS DOORS

Catching Up With Seth Dallman of PS DOORS

A DriveWorks customer who manufacture safety and fall protection products.

Seth is PS DOORS CAD Systems Administrator and his background is in engineering, manufacturing, design and information technology. We recently caught up with him to learn more about his role at PS DOORS and what he likes about DriveWorks.

Seth, when were you first introduced to DriveWorks?

Within my first couple of weeks at PS DOORS I was approached by a team member who asked me if I had any Excel skills or an interest in DriveWorks. My answer was yes and I started working with DriveWorks shortly afterwards. At first DriveWorks wasnt my main responsibility, but the company had a growing need for someone to maintain and grow our DriveWorks projects.”

“Currently my role at PS DOORS is along the lines of CAD/design/automation guru! Im in charge of the CAD systems, such as SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks, and I oversee their deployment, development and maintenance. My primary focus is DriveWorks, but my position happens to be within our IT department, so I often deal with computer hardware / software issues too!

Whats your favourite DriveWorks feature and why?

As Im sure many would say, DriveWorks has too many great features to pick just one, so Im going to give my top 3, which are: Generation Tasks, Calculation Tables and Specification Macros.”

“It really depends on the type of task Im trying to automate, but if someone were to twist my leg to pick just one, Id say Calculation Tables.

As Im sitting here reflecting, I cant help but mention our current breakthrough. Ive recently switched gears from making our SOLIDWORKS automation better to working on our office processes.”

“It seems a lightbulb has turned on in our company as we realised that DriveWorks isnt just an automation tool for SOLIDWORKS, its an automation tool for nearly anything! There are very few tasks that I cant automate in some way with DriveWorks!

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