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Configure Your Own Ice Cream Using DriveWorks!

At DriveWorks, we love hearing about the creative ways that our customers and resellers are using the software and we regularly blog, tweet and write case studies about their configurators.

Recently CAD2M, a DriveWorks reseller based in The Netherlands, got in touch with us as they’d had a really cool idea for a DriveWorks configurator. Their marketing team have been working with our Applications Engineer, Tom, to create the project and we’re pleased that it has now gone live and is ready to use!

Wendy Angenent, who is part of the marketing team at CAD2M,told us a bit more about the campaign, its purpose and why they chose ice cream…

“At CAD2M, the marketing department is known as the department that likes to snack the most! Whenever somebody brings a pie into the office to celebrate their birthday, we’re the first to grab a piece. When we were thinking about a DriveWorks campaign, of course we first thought of food and what food is better during summer than an ice cream?

We decided that Magnum ice creams were the most suitable for configuring because of all the different layers they have. Magnum already have a lot of combinations on the market, but we thought it would be fun to think of a few more! We wanted to launch a ‘playful’ DriveWorks campaign to show everyone that configuring products is fun.

Anyone can use the configurator and we hope it encourages you to try DriveWorks! We launched the configurator 7 hours ago and so far 43 people have used it. Try it for yourself!”.

We really like this creative use of DriveWorks and we hope you enjoy creating your own Magnums! If you’d like to tell us about how you’re using DriveWorks, please get in touch!