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Configure Your Own BBQ Skewers Using DriveWorks

At DriveWorks, we love hearing about the creative ways that our customers and resellers are using the software and we regularly blog, tweet and write case studies about their DriveWorks projects.

Recently Cadmes, a DriveWorks reseller based in The Netherlands, got in touch with us as they’d thought of a really creative and fun idea for a DriveWorks configurator.

Customizable BBQ Skewers

Having a BBQ with your family and friends is a summer tradition in many countries. It’s a great way to get together, have fun and enjoy delicious food.

Cadmes wanted to show people how versatile DriveWorks software is and what better way than enabling you to configure your own BBQ skewers! Members of Cadmes’ technical team and marketing team have been working with our Technical Specialist, Tom, to create the BBQ configurator and it’s now live and ready to use!

Dennis Lieffering, who is part of the marketing team at Cadmes, told us a bit more about the campaign, its purpose and why they chose a BBQ theme.

“We wanted to create a playful but simple configurator that demonstrates how DriveWorks software can be used for guided selling, designing ‘configure-to-order’ products and to configure, price and quote (CPQ).

As it’s summer, we decided to use a BBQ theme and we selected skewers as they’re a popular BBQ dish that can be assembled in to many variations. The aim of our configurator was to simplify the process of creating a skewer and give users a 3D visual representation of their choices.

Users start by selecting the size of their BBQ skewer, either small, medium or large, and then they choose either meat, fish or a vegetarian option. Once both of these fields have been completed, they can use the drop down boxes to add several ingredients to their skewer.

The number of ingredients they can add is determined by the size of the skewer they selected earlier. If they chose a large skewer they can add up to 9 ingredients, a medium skewer holds 7 ingredients and a small skewer holds 5 ingredients.

As they make their selections, DriveWorks automatically updates the 3D model and gives them a visual representation of what their BBQ skewer will look like. Users can also specify how many people will be there and how many skewers they’d like per person.

When they’ve finished configuring their skewers, a shopping list pops us with the quantities of ingredients needed and the price per skewer.

The user is then given the option to send a contact request to Cadmes. If they go ahead, the shopping list is sent to them with a confirmation email and when visiting the customer, our specialist will take a BBQ to the appointment.

We enjoyed creating this fun project and we hope you enjoy using it!”

We really like this creative use of DriveWorks and we hope you enjoy creating your own BBQ skewers.

Click the button below to try it for yourself!