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Configurable Ice Creams at CAD2M Live

Another Creative Way to Use DriveWorks

Back in August, we showed off an impressive Magnum configurator, created by CAD2M, a DriveWorks reseller based in The Netherlands. Now, CAD2M have taken the project even further with yet more creative ways to use DriveWorks.

Our CEO, Glen and VP, Maria were at CAD2M Live last week where the team released the next phase of their ice cream configurator project. Maria presented at the event and following the presentation, CAD2M wheeled in some configurable ice cream carts, filled with ice cream!

SOLIDWORKS users gathered around the ice cream carts and the CAD2M team presented about DriveWorks and how the configurator project works.

Wendy from CAD2M, has been telling us more about the project:

“This summer we had launched a DriveWorks campaign, in which customers could configure their own Magnum.”

“This campaign was a great success, our customers seem to respond quite well to food! We were therefore thinking: what else can we do with ice creams?”

“From Magnums we shifted to Italian ice cream.”

“To make the product a bit more practical, we decided to configure the cart that theyre scooped from.”

“The actual cart is completely different for every customer because the outside is what makes them unique.”

“The fridge and containers are about the same for everyone. Yes: about the same, because the dimensions and composition will vary. A perfect job for DriveWorks!

“Our DriveWorks expert Carola made a project that starts with the fridge. After entering the fridges dimensions, weve got the base for our ice cream containers.”

“As everybody knows from their local ice cream store, some flavours are always very popular, but the less known flavours like pear and wasabi (yes, it does exist!) are hardly touched. Therefore, we need big and small containers in our cart, to take the right amount of the flavours with us.”

“With the configurator Carola designed, its possible to change the depth and width of the containers and assemble them together as desired.”

“The project was presented live at our customer day, CAD2M Live. And of course, we also had an ice cream cart present, including the ice creams! After our presentation, the audience was rewarded with this welcome treat. Youll understand that there were a lot of interested visitors at our booth! As I said, our customers respond quite well to food!”