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Comparing DriveWorksXpress with SOLIDWORKS Design tables

DriveWorksXpressis thefree Design Automation tool included with every seat of SOLIDWORKSandis a great way tosave a littletime every day.

  • Automate repetitive design tasks.
  • Re-use existing designs.
  • Generate new SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies quickly and easily.

You might be thinking that while this all sounds great, you have been using design tables in SOLIDWORKS to save some time already.

Well, here are 5 reasons for choosing DriveWorksXpress over design tables:

  1. File Size – DriveWorksXpress creates new files, which keeps file size to a minimum.
  2. Ease of Use – Control Assemblies, sub assemblies and parts from one user interface without the need to open up each one to update its design table.
  3. Scalability & Share with Others – DriveWorksXpress allow colleagues with SOLIDWORKS to create Parts, Assemblies and Drawings too by filling out a simple form. Others do not need to know how you set it up, or which Assemblies and/or parts to open up and modify to get the desired results
  4. Automated Drawings – Update drawings for parts and assemblies quickly and easily.
  5. Rules Driven –Use Rules to determine which calculation or value is required to drive a given parameter. Rules and calculations that affect multiple parts and assemblies are easily linked in the DriveWorksXpress rule editor

The best part is that if you already have SOLIDWORKS, then you already have DriveWorksXpress!

You can find DriveWorksXpress inside SOLIDWORKS here:

Check out the DriveWorksXpress YouTube channel for How to Video Clips and you’ll soon be saving time!

For more information or contact your local SOLIDWORKS Reseller.