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Are You On the Latest Version – 15.2?

Download the Latest Version of DriveWorks

Make sure you are on the latest version to take advantage of the latest functionality and performance enhancements.

The core DriveWorks functionality is continuously extended and improved based on customer feedback and enhancement requests. A new version is released yearly with a further 2 service packs for each release.

DriveWorks software is robust, reliable and trusted. Before any major release or service pack, the latest version goes through the following processes:

What is the Latest Version?

DriveWorks 15 SP2

Released November 21st 2017

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Agile Development

Agile development methodologies ensure we can respond to changing market demands quickly, whilst tracking and managing every aspect of the development cycle to guarantee quality.

Code Reviews

Code reviews undertaken by our Senior Developers ensure that every line of code meets our strict quality standards before it is included in our software.

Usability Improvements

One of our core aimsis ease-of-use. We conduct usability research and specific feature testing totry to make sureDriveWorks isas obvious and easy to use as possible.

Automated Product Testing

We use DriveWorkssoftware running on multiple machinesto us measure qualityand performance. Typically this generates over 1TB of SOLIDWORKS files and data.

Live Product Testing

In additionto our automated QA process,the DriveWorks Technical Teamconduct physical teststhroughout alpha,beta and pre-release phases to ensure stability and reliability.

Updated Documentation

The DriveWorks Help Files and Online Documentation are updated to reflect the new features and functionality addedto each new release. Anyone can learn about the updates and how to use them.

We want to give our users peace of mindby making sure that the software robust and reliable.
Make sure you’re on the latest version, so you can take advantage of the latest tried and tested functionality and performance enhancements.