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Accelerate Your Online Configurator with Your Marketing Team

Get a 1-year digital designer license for your marketing team half price, when you buy a license of DriveWorks Pro Administrator for your engineering team.Offer valid until December 31st 2018. T&Cs apply.

What is DriveWorks Pro?

Use DriveWorks Pro to create a custom design automation and online 3D configurator solution. Save time, reduce errors and win more orders.

Enable anyone to configure custom products and see the results in 3D on any device. Quotes and follow up emails are sent automatically, quickly, professionally and in line with your corporate brand.

What Role Does Each Team Play in Setting Up a Configurator?

Engineering Team

DriveWorks configurators are easy to set up with no programming skills or consultants required.

Engineers have the product knowledge and the skills to create an intelligent product configurator that makes offering custom products quicker and more cost-effective.

Use DriveWorks to store the knowledge and experience of your Engineering Team to ensure you only sell products that can actually be manufactured.

Include laws and industry regulations to reduce approval times.

Automate your SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawingsto automatically create manufacturing data for each custom order.

Marketing Team

If you want to putyour configurator in front of your customers and allow them to configure their own products, branding and user experience are key.

A DriveWorks configurator is completely custom to you and your company needs. You have full control over the look, feel and behaviour of your configurator. Marketing Teams can ensure that it matches your branding and colour scheme.

DriveWorks automatically sends documents specific to each order. Marketing Teams just need to set up eye-catching templates that match your company branding.

Marketing Teams will have an influence on the user experience of your configurator, ensuring it is easy to use. Marketing Teams know your customers well and will ensure smooth customer journeys.

Benefits of a Digital Designer License

With a licenseof DriveWorks Pro Administrator and a digital designer license, two people can work on the configurator at the same time.

Get your configurator up and running quickly and start seeing a return on your investment sooner.

A configurator means customers can instantly see how their product options will look and place orders straight away.

End Result of Combining Engineering and Marketing

Impress your customers by combining powerful rules and logic, an easy to use interface and obvious branding.

Your configurator will only allow valid configurations, with intelligentdecisions and guided selling, whilst staying inline with your company branding.

You can be sure your configurator will fit in with your website and have a professional feel throughout.

By involving a non-technical team in the creation of your configurator, you know it is clear and easy to use.

Configurator Examples

See examples of how the DriveWorks marketing and engineering teams have worked together to create some configurator examples.

Each use DriveWorks functionality to create configurators that are all different. The examples show how you can use DriveWorks to create a solution that works for you.

Buy DriveWorks Pro Administrator, Get a Digital Designer LicenseHalf Price

Get a 1-year digital designer license for your graphic design and marketing team half price, when you buy a license of DriveWorks Pro Administrator for your engineering team. The designer license is a fixed one year license, for use by your graphic design and marketing team to make your configurator look amazing.

Offer Terms and Conditions

  • Offer valid untilDecember 31st 2018
  • DriveWorks Administrator Designer license is for the exclusive use of your graphicdesign or marketing team
  • Licenses are non-transferrable
  • License will be valid for one year
  • Before placing your order with your reseller, you must request your half price designer license from DriveWorks, email

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