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A Round Up of Virtual DriveWorks World 2021

What Happened at Virtual DriveWorks World 2021

This week we were joined by over 450 DriveWorks customers, resellers and partners from 39 different countries to talk and learn about all things DriveWorks.

Whilst once again the current global situation stopped us from hosting a face-to-face event, we wanted to build on what we delivered for Digital DriveWorks World 2020 and create an even more ‘DriveWorks’ style virtual event.

The technical sessions we run at DriveWorks World are extremely valuable and are part of our commitment to Helping You to Help Yourself. We wanted to make sure we could still deliver all the engaging content, technical training, and DriveWorks fun that we know our delegates love.

With more time to prepare this year, we made sure that we could make this the best virtual version of DriveWorks World possible!

Using technology, we delivered 2 full days of learning, networking and sharing ideas – all virtually. 

Using Microsoft Teams

DriveWorks World is always a fantastic opportunity for us to get together with, and bring together, our customers, resellers and partners for learning, networking and sharing ideas.

The important conversations and knowledge sharing that take place during DriveWorks World are just one of the reasons we love the event so much. We didn’t want to lose the chats and discussions when taking the event online.

To make sure we didn’t miss out on the all-important conversations, most of the event was delivered through Microsoft Teams.

The main Teams channel for the event was the DriveWorks World TV channel where we hosted a live stream from 10am – 10pm over 2 days, totalling 24 hours!

We also set up multiple Teams meetings and channels to host our course discussions and Q&A sessions. Throughout the event, attendees could switch between the channels to make sure they got the most out of the event by tailoring it to suit them.

Introducing DriveWorks World TV

We were extremely excited to introduce the first-ever edition of DriveWorks World TV.

DriveWorks World TV was created as the hub of the event running throughout the day, from 10am-10pm (BST).

Creating a place for attendees to start their day, learn about the variety of training courses available, listen to customer presentations and hear more from the DriveWorks team.

Attendees were able to tune into the DriveWorks World TV Teams Channel anytime in-between sessions to see what was happening in the studio at DriveWorks HQ.

To end both days on a high and give everyone a chance to relax with an optional beer, as we would normally do at DriveWorks World, we even hosted DriveWorks themed quizzes on DriveWorks World TV.

Online Technical Learning Sessions 

In the run-up to DriveWorks World, our team worked extremely hard to create lots of interesting and engaging content.

In total, we created 20 technical learning courses for the event. Delivered through self-paced online learning courses put together by DriveWorks subject matter experts, the courses were designed to share knowledge and help DriveWorks users get the most from the software.

The technical learning sessions covered lots of different topics at a variety of skill levels. All of the presentations were recorded in our new ‘Digital Suite‘ and were accessed on the new DriveWorks Learning Portal.

The courses will be kept available to DriveWorks World attendees to refer back to and complete at their own pace.

What’s New in DriveWorks 19

Of course, it wouldn’t be a DriveWorks World without Glen Smith hosting a What’s New session. This year we were excited to deliver not one, but four What’s New in DriveWorks 19 sessions!

Broadcast live on DriveWorks World TV from the new DriveWorks Digital Suite, Glen shared all the exciting new additions and functionality added to our latest software release. 

The What’s New was split into four separate parts;

  • General Enhancements, UX and Performance
  • What’s new in Design Automation
  • 3D Enhancements and DriveWorks Live
  • Enhancements to DriveWorks User, DriveWorks Autopilot and DriveApps

If you have ever been to a DriveWorks World What’s New event, you will know that audience participation is a must. We encourage cheering, clapping and shouting ‘EPIC’ at your favourite features. It was great to see so many people getting involved in the chat and sharing what features they were excited about.

With so many people joining the session it was our biggest What’s New event yet!

Customer Presentations and Reseller Q & A

We know the importance of learning and being inspired by others. The conversations and knowledge sharing are always a key part of DriveWorks World.

Even though this was a digital event, we wanted to ensure our attendees could see just how many incredible things can be achieved with DriveWorks and be inspired, taking new ideas back to their own company.

Throughout the 2 days, we heard from a variety of companies who are using DriveWorks. We had customers taking to the stage to share with us the many different ways they use DriveWorks.

It’s always fascinating to see how everyone uses DriveWorks differently. There were presentations from all kinds of industries including Interior Packaging, Bridge Manufacturing, Clean Air Technology Solutions, Chamber and Cable Protection Systems and much more!

Using DriveWorks software is changing the way our customers do business.

The learning didn’t stop there. We also welcomed some of our Reseller AEs to join us for a Q&A session to share their experience with DriveWorks.

It was great to see people all around the world coming together virtually to share their love of DrvieWorks.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for Virtual DriveWorks World 2021!

Throughout the event, we were joined by 483 attendees from 269 unique companies.

Behind the Scenes 

Take a look at the set up and goings-on ‘Behind the Scenes’ at DriveWorks World 2021.

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