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A Round Up of Our Trip Down Under

Recently we blogged about how Mark and Phil from the DriveWorks team were travelling to Australia and New Zealand to visit resellers, partners, customers and SOLIDWORKS User Groups.

We last visited Australia three years ago so we were looking forward to heading back out there and spending time with members of the DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS Community.

Phil and Mark arenow back in the office and we caught up with them to find out more about thier trip down under.

First Stop: Sydney

“Our first stop on our Australian trip was to Sydney. We spent our first day there with the sales team at InterCAD, a DriveWorks reseller. On Tuesday, we spent the day on the road with Bill Murch of InterCAD, visiting prospect customers. In the evening we attended the Sydney SOLIDWORKS User Group meeting and I presented to the attendees about DriveWorksXpress and the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification program. It was great to see that one attendee had already completed the certification!

We then spent the rest of the week training AEs , visiting customers and prospects, and completing some advanced training with Bill.” – Phil

Moving Onto Melbourne

“We started our second week in Australia at InterCAD’s Melbourne office. On Monday, I held a training session with their sales staff and it wasnice to see how pasisonate they were about DriveWorks.

On Wednesday, Bill Murch flew to Sydney and joined Phil and I on some customer visits. We visited A-Line Building Systems and The Shotton Group. We really enjoyed catching up with both companies and they had some great questions lined up for us. Ben Matthews and Martin Clenick from The Shotton Group are joining us at DriveWorks World 2018 and we look forward to welcoming them to the UK.

We then met up with Steve Gallienne of 3D4 Industry, a DriveWorks Partner, who accompanied us to the Melbourne SOLIDWORKS User Group meeting. The meeting had a really good turnout and the attendees seemed to enjoy learning more about DriveWorksXpress during Phil’s presentation.

The next day we were on the road with Bill Murch again visiting Aus Pits. Aus Pits have just started using DriveWorks but they have a clear vision of where they want to be – we look forward to hearing more from them!” – Mark

Brisband and Auckland

“In week three, Mark and I seperated and visited two different cities. Mark flew to Auckland and I flew to Brisbane.

On Monday, I worked with Bob Cooley, a Senior Account Manager, in InterCAD’s Brisbane office and we had a really great meeting with a prospect customer. I then worked with Pouya Ghobadi, an Engineer, to complete the DriveWorks Solo training.

Mark spent his first day in Brisbane visiting customers with Fiona Wylens, the Operations Manager of InterCAD’s New Zealand office. On Tuesday, he spent some time with their sales team before heading out again to visit more prospect customers.

On Wednesday I was on the road again visiting a customer. This time I visited Tom Stoddart Pty Ltd, the very first DriveWorks customer in Australia! It’s great to see how happy they are with DriveWorks and what they’ve achieved.” – Phil

“Thanks to Bill Murch and the InterCAD team for looking after us during our trip. It was great to catch up with you!

Recently we’re seeing much more activity in Australia and New Zealand and we’re very excited about the future for DriveWorks in this market” – Phil and Mark.