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Providing Quotes and Technical Drawings within Minutes, Anytime, Anywhere, Any Day with DriveWorks

F.H.Brundle is a family owned business. Founded in 1889, they are wholesalers of steel products which includes a market leading range of handrail and balustrade systems. F.H.Brundle stock over 8500 products and new lines are continuously being added.

Choosing a Solution

F.H.Brundle wanted a software that would allow customers to configure systems to their own dimensions, creating accurate quotes and detailed drawings in minutes, saving their customers hours of work and helping to eliminate mistakes.

As they are adding products all the time, it was important for F.H.Brundle to find a solution that they could set up and manage themselves.

After much research, F.H.Brundle decided that DriveWorks was the best software for their needs.

Project Development

At DriveWorks World 2018 Richard, Design Office Manager, and Liz, CAD Manager at F.H.Brundle took to the stage to show how they have used DriveWorks to create Liveconfigurator™.

Liveconfigurator™ is F.H.Brundle’s online 3D configurator for their internal teams, distributors and customers.

Since DriveWorks World 2018, Liveconfigurator™ has gone live and has been very well received.

We caught up with F.H.Brundle to find out more.

Making Design Simple

“Our team designed Liveconfigurator™ to make life simple for anyone who needs a quote and would like detailed drawings for one of our systems.”

With many years of experience in both the practical and technical design of balustrades, F.H.Brundle have added their knowledge and expertise into their configurator, to make it easy for anyone to design a system that meets their needs.

“As many of our customers are in the trade, we are helping others to improve their business and make their customers happier too.”

“Our trade customers save time estimating, quoting and drawing for each job because Liveconfigurator™ creates everything they need for each custom order.”

“Thanks to DriveWorks, we provide quotes and drawings for each custom order, at no extra cost.”

The LiveConfigurator logo

Quoting in Minutes

“Our Liveconfigurator™ provides fully-detailed technical drawings of our products, configured to the customers own dimensions, in a simple, easy to use

“It provides customers with a detailed quotation within minutes at any time, on any day.“

“Liveconfigurator™ makes life much easier for our staff when dealing with questions and complex layouts.”

Benefits for F.H.Brundle

F.H.Brundle are already seeing the benefits of using DriveWorks.

“Liveconfigurator™ gives our staff the technical information they need. Our sales staff are saving valuable time and our customer service is better than ever.”

“We are building customer loyalty, increasing sales and avoiding mistakes.”

Benefits for Customers

The most important thing for F.H.Brundle is customer service. Liveconfigurator™ provides many benefits for their customers, both trade and consumers.

“Customers can get a quote any time they want it, 24/7/365 and we can add in personalised discounts. Product information is readily available for a wide choice of options.”

“With every order, customers receive everything they need, including technical information, instructions, detailed list of parts and technical drawings.”

“Our customers and distributors can impress their customers. Using Liveconfigurator™ saves time estimating, saves time drawing and avoids costly mistakes.”

“Overall, it provides an excellent service for our customers which is very important to us.”

The Future

Currently F.H.Brundle have online configurators for their pre-assembled post systems, frameless glass balustrade systems and their glass spigot systems.

They are continuously developing Liveconfigurator™ to add configurators for more of their products.

Suitable for Any Industry

DriveWorks product configurator software is used by companies of all sizes. It’s suitable for any industry where quotes or 3D files and drawings are part of the sales to manufacturing process.

See how versatile and customizable it is by having a go with our online configurator examples on