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ÖDÜL MADENİ EŞYA Achieving End-to-End Automation with DriveWorks Pro

ÖDÜL is Using DriveWorks Pro Automation Software to Achieve End-to-End Automation for Their Business

ÖDÜL MADENİ EŞYA, based in Turkey, has been a manufacturer of home appliances for more than 50 years, exporting to over 86 countries around the world.

ÖDÜL have used DriveWorks Pro to create an online configurator that is used by both their sales team and their customers.

Before Implementing DriveWorks

Before implementing DriveWorks, the sales team at ÖDÜL used a pre-designed excel spreadsheet to input the details of each individual order.

These forms were then manually sent to the relevant department within ÖDÜL via email.

This meant that the entire process relied on members of their sales team to make sure that it was sent to the appropriate teams individually, leaving room for error.

For ÖDÜL, the most important aspect of DriveWorks is that it prevents the wrong product from being manufactured.

Now, end to end automation has been achieved with DriveWorks

Saving Time, Improving Customer Experience

Adding DriveWorks to their design process has also reduced the time spent specifying new products for their customers by 40% and reduced labor time by 70%.

When speaking about the benefits of DriveWorks for their customers, Murat Saçmaci, Manager at ÖDÜL says:

“Our customers can configure products whenever and wherever they want, regardless of time, place, or device!”

Order and customer data is now collected from a single source, DriveWorks, which limits errors and significantly reduces time spent collecting order information from customers.

Specification time for new products is reduced by 40%


Improving Team Communication

Using DriveWorks, ÖDÜL now collect all the required information from each individual specification, such as product details, delivery times, payment & delivery terms.

Once collected, this information is automatically shared with ÖDÜL’s ERP system.

A icon showing documents with cogs

Automated Document Generation

DriveWorks’ document generation capabilities means all the desired files are automatically generated and named and ordered correctly.

All documents related to each specific order, such as technical drawings, manufacturing documentation and purchase orders are automatically generated, then sent to the relevant department within ÖDÜL.

Designs are created with pre-engineered and approved parts, significantly reducing the possibility of customers selecting the wrong product.

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