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KARACA GEMI Responding to Customer Requests Faster with DriveWorks Solo

KARACA GEMI is responding to customer requests faster, using DriveWorks Solo Design Automation Software

KARACA GEMI, based in Turkey, design and develop specialised glass for a range of ships around the world.

Since implementing DriveWorks Solo in June 2021, KARACA GEMI have achieved a number of goals:

  • Reducing the time taken to create 3D drawings of specified parts
  • Automatically generating accurate and relevant documents
  • Reducing the number of errors during the manufacturing process

Before Implementing DriveWorks

Prior to adding DriveWorks design automation software to their design process, KARACA GEMI had to recreate the parts they required within the same templates in 2D CAD, or rely on SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go.

This resulted in large file sizes and they were unable to provide any 3D models of their desired parts. Each model also lacked important information, such as net weight.

This was a lengthy and time-consuming process when designing bespoke products to their customer’s specifications.

The design process is now much smoother since implementing DriveWorks

”Thanks to DriveWorks, unnecessary time wasting is behind us and we can use this gained time to do more Research & Development”

– Erhan Kusculu, Co-Founder/CFO at KARACA GEMI

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Reducing Design Time and Errors

By adding DriveWorks to their design process, KARACA GEMI now automatically generate SOLIDWORKS models and technical drawings of their products to the desired dimensions, as requested by the customer.

Their customer inquiry response time is faster and there are fewer errors inthe design to the manufacturing process.

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Automated Document Generation

DriveWorks’ document generation capabilities means all the desired files are automatically generatedand named and ordered correctly.

DriveWorks also automatically saves these files in the desired file type; PDF, DWG and Step format. These can be sent directly to the customer.

The customer then receives a 3D model of their requested product and a Bill of Materials.

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Easy to Use Guided Selling

For KARACA GEMI, one of the most beneficial aspects of DriveWorks is that anyone within the company can configure a new specification for a customer, even if they haven’t used the programme before.

They can guide the customer through the product options on the configurator, and submit an accurate order straight to the design team.

In the future KARACA GEMI aim to take advantage of DriveWorks’ scalability, by upgrading their DriveWorks Solo project to DriveWorks Pro to create an online configurator that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

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