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HW Ventilation Benefit From Ten Times Faster Design Time Since Using DriveWorks Solo

HW Ventilation, based in Rescaldina Italy is a leading company in the ventilation and air movement systems industry.

They design, produce and sell axial impellers and ventilators for industrial use. This includes engine cooling systems, compressors, industrial plants and HVAC systems.

Automatically Generated 2D Drawing created using DriveWorks Solo

Designing Before DriveWorks

Before implementing DriveWorks, their lengthy design process required an engineer to draw every new product or variation of an existing product from scratch inside SOLIDWORKS.

Automating the Design Process

Automating this process now enables them to quickly draw 3D models of any type of fan, based on a set of standard variables, such as blade and hub types, fan diameter, material and colour rotation.

The DriveWorks Solo project also automatically generates brand new SOLIDWORKS files and manufacturing data, such as bills of materials and 2D drawings, based on each individual form input.

When describing the time savings achieved with DriveWorks Solo, Ing. Morlacchi, the main DriveWorks user at HW Ventilation says:

Our design process using DriveWorks Solo is 10 times faster than our previous manual process. Our engineers also dont have to waste time making drawings, and instead can focus their time on more rewarding projects.

Responding to Customer Demand

Implementing DriveWorks Solo has enabled HW Ventilation to respond to customer demand faster and with more efficiency, as they now spend a lot less time drawing the same but different designs.

Their customers now receive a drawing of the product they require almost instantly, and personalised quotes are sent out much quicker.

Future Plans

Having achieved their target of reducing engineering time spent on repetitive and low value-add activities, HW Ventilation are looking to the future of what they can accomplish with DriveWorks.

Ing. Morlacchi says that their next step will be to scale up their current DriveWorks Solo projects to DriveWorks Pro and implement an online configurator that will enable their customers

AMCA 210 Test Chamber

HW Ventilation are looking to the future of what they can accomplish with DriveWorks.

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