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Driving Revenue With a DriveWorks 3D Configurator

WeatherGuard Drive Revenue With a 3D Configurator Created with DriveWorks Software

WeatherGuard are using DriveWorks software, not just as an engineering automation tool, but to drive sales and also generate more revenue than ever before.

WEATHER GUARD, a WernerCo brand, is an industry leader in truck and van storage equipment, including truck boxes, drawer units, shelving, cabinets, and racks for trucks, vans and utility vehicles. Their products allow for more oragnized trucks and vans for greater productivity, whilst providing superior protection against break-ins and weather.

The 2D Configurator Couldnt Keep Pace

Previously, WEATHER GUARD’S customers would visit their site searching forvan products.Using a 2D configurator they would determinethe right fit and customized combination of products.

However, this solution wasnt keeping pace with users requirements. Adding new vehicles and van products to the system became difficult to update.

There was a huge void in the market and we wanted to fill the gap.
– Stacy Gardella, Vice President of Brand Marketing, WernerCo

Configurator Requirements

The number one priority for WEATHER GUARD was that the configurator had to be 3D in order to provide an extremely realistic view of an installed van product package.

Secondly, long-term sustainability was a must.

It was also essential that the solution was developed in a way that integrated with other business systems.

Specifically, WEATHER GUARD wanted to be able to leverage data within their Product Information Management (PIM) system, allowing seamless additions of new SKUs or vehicles.

We were after longevity and ease of use while bringing an intuitive and engaging experience to end users.
– Pete Robinson, Manager of Engineering Systems with WernerCo

Much More Than a CAD Automation System

WEATHER GUARD was then introduced to DriveWorks Pro at SOLIDWORKS World. They reached out to DriveWorks reseller,Fisher Unitech.

Fisher Unitech showed them the DriveWorks custom trailer configurator example, giving Werner insight into what was possible with its end-users vans.

What I knew of DriveWorks was that it was a CAD automation system. But, once we started exploring the product, it became very obvious that it could do much more reaching into our existing business systems to reuse data that could change how we connect with end-users and distributors to drive more sales.
– Pete Robinson, Manager of Engineering Systems with WernerCo

WEATHER GUARD developed a Proof of Concept to demonstrate the ability of DriveWorks software to their key stakeholders. They also began brainstorming ideas that could be deployed in several phrases.

Fisher Unitech and WEATHER GUARD also visited one of the companys largest distributors, touring the facility to see van installations. During this visit, it became clear that while it was critical to provide a 3D customization experience, the system needed to serve as a lead generation tool dramatically reducing lead and engineering time to boost sales.

“The most important part of the week was the focus on scoping the project, and gaining consensus about what we were going to deliver. Fisher Unitech helped facilitate that discussion and did an excellent job of setting expectations and helping to develop a very detailed scope document with priorities for phase one.Fisher Unitech stood apart for the companys willingness to teach us how to fish, giving us the tools, support, and knowledge to manage the system on our own.
– Pete Robinson, Manager of Engineering Systems with WernerCo

Success Metrics to Measure ROI

With WEATHER GUARDs previous 2D configurator, a user-submitted configuration would take up to three days to be assigned to a distributor. However, distributor feedback revealed that not acting on leads within the first four to eight hours can mean lost business.

WEATHER GUARD wanted to be able to send referrals to distributors immediately, creating a viable lead pool to close more deals.

As a result of using DriveWorks, requests are now immediately sent to a distributor for follow up, and the company has gained visibility into the complete lead lifecycle. The opportunity is captured in Salesforce, allowing WEATHER GUARD to track status all the way through to close, accurately capturing sales dollars.

The speed of DriveWorks is critical because it enables distributors to get a lead within minutes and allows us to see when the prospect was contracted, quoted and closed,
– Pete Robinson, Manager of Engineering Systems with WernerCo

DriveWorks Drives Annual Sales

WEATHER GUARD has not only built an engineering tool but also used the functionality inside DriveWorks to create a highly successful lead generation and sales tool that allows stakeholders to know exactly how much revenue is coming through the configurator to measure ROI.

The company is relying on DriveWorks to increase completed configurations, boost distributor referrals and drive salesanticipating a five percent increase in annual sales as a result.

Our configurator lets us directly interact with end-users, create referrals for distributors and help them visually sell WEATHER GUARDs van products more effectively.
– Stacy Gardella, Vice President of Brand Marketing with WernerCo

Weve dramatically reduced our engineering time, saving at least one full day of labor per configurator request received.
DriveWorks is not just an engineering automation tool, but a sales-driving and revenue generation system for our company.

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