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30 Day Free Trial of DriveWorks Solo inside SOLIDWORKS®

Download DriveWorks Solo free for 30 days and see what you can achieve with design automation.

Design Automation

Markets are changing, and customers are expecting more from the products and services they are buying. Consumers want products faster, cheaper and easier than ever before, without compromising on quality This is presenting a challenge for many businesses. To meet demand, manufacturers are looking to automation.

Design automation is enabling businesses to turn around proposals quickly, design and manufacture efficiently and deliver on promises consistently, all whilst maintaining a healthy profit.

By automating time-sensitive and often repetitive activities, businesses can focus on innovation and adding value to their products, improving throughput and quality to meet customers’ requirements.

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Why DriveWorks Solo?

Use DriveWorks Solo to quickly and easily create and configure custom products inside SOLIDWORKS®.

The rules-based design automation eliminates errors and expensive, time-consuming design changes.

Automate repetitive SOLIDWORKS tasks and free up engineers to focus on product innovation and development.

DriveWorks Solo is easy to set up, maintain and use. Deliver custom products faster and with greater accuracy, without using complex macros, design tables or code.

Get a head start by trying DriveWorks Solo free for 30 days.

Get the Most Out of Your 30 Day Free Trial of DriveWorks Solo

We’ve created help and training resources so you can get the most from DriveWorks Solo and your 30 day free trial.

DriveWorks training manual page.

Training Tutorial

Download the free Training Manual to learn how to use DriveWorks Solo step by step. There is also a training video for each lesson to make it even easier.

MyDriveWorks account page on a computer screen

DriveWorks Community

Explore resources and content in the DriveWorks Community. My.DriveWorks is a great resource for anyone, with learning resources and opportunities to connect with other customers, resellers and partners from around the world.

A screenshot of some How-To videos page on


Learn how to use DriveWorks at your own pace. Watch our How to Video Clips to get tips on setting up different aspects of DriveWorks. Clips cover: design automation (CAD), form design, automating the creation of drawings, documents, running projects and more

A screenshot of some sample projects page on

Sample Projects

Explore a range of industry examples. Download DriveWorks sample projects, explore them and get ideas for your own projects. Take a look at how they are set up and see a variety of DriveWorks functionality set up and ready to use.

A screenshot of the DriveWorks Pro Help File page

Online Help File

A complete online help file is available online 24/7. The DriveWorks Solo help file gives information, best practices, and solutions. Learn about a variety of topics. They are searchable and indexed by google, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for to get the help you need when you need it.

The DriveWorks Webinars & Events page.

Webinars and Learning Events

Join the DriveWorks Solo Getting Started and DriveWorks Solo Online Training webinars to learn more, ask questions and get up and running quickly.

A screenshot of the Articles page on

Articles Library

Our extensive articles library is a knowledge-share resource.

Our articles take an in-depth look at DriveWorks functionality and industry trends, alongside detailed how-to guides written by our technical experts. Learn more and expand your knowledge.

DriveWorks Solo ROI Calculator page.

New: ROI Calculator

Calculate ROI for DriveWorks Solo, based on automating one of your own products. It accounts for the cost of the software, the time it will take to implement and the savings that can be made and how soon you will benefit.

A picture of a page in The Little Book of Rules and a DriveWorks mug.

Little Book of Rules

Filled with examples of the rules used to automate designs with DriveWorks and a guide to the syntax you can use. Get in contact with us and we will provide you with the Little Book of Rules.

A screenshot of the DriveWorks Technology page on

Technology Examples

Go under the hood and see the different technology in DriveWorks. Explore the core technologies that make up DriveWorks software. Our Technology demos go behind the scenes of our powerful technology. Explore the Technology Examples to see what you can do with DriveWorks.

A screenhot of a configurator example on

Configurator Examples

Be inspired by our DriveWorks Configurator examples. Our product configurator examples show what’s possible with DriveWorks Pro. Explore and interact with the examples at

Screenshot of the Tech Tips help resources on MyDriveWorks

Tech Tips

Examples to demonstrate specific functionality. These example projects have been created by the DriveWorks Tech Team to demonstrate specific functionality. Use each Tech Tips to learn exactly how you can re-implement the same functionality into your own DriveWorks projects.

Download and Use DriveWorks Solo Free for 30 Days

Follow the 3 easy steps below to download the DriveWorks Solo 30 day free trial and see the functionality for yourself.

A picture of a computer screen with a ''activate your DriveWorks community account'' on the screen.

Join the DriveWorks Community

A computer screen showing a drawing using DriveWorks.

Download and Licence DriveWorks Solo

Two computer screens showing a drawings using DriveWorks.