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Software upgrades, Service Packs and Technical Support are available with a DriveWorks Subscription Support contract. First line Technical Support is provided by DriveWorks Certified Resellers, who are in turn supported by our own highly skilled and experienced Applications Engineers. The DriveWorks product forums are a great way to engage with other users around the world. Training classes can be arranged through DriveWorks Resellers. DriveWorks Pro customers with an active Subscription Support Contract can sign up for our weekly Technical Webinars.

FAQ Section

Contact Us

Want to get in touch?

If you would like to contact DriveWorks please checkout our Contact us page here.

Can I try DriveWorks Software?

Yes. DriveWorksXpress is included with every license of SolidWorks. So if you have SolidWorks then you have DriveWorksXpress.

You can also try DriveWorks Solo. Download a 30 day trial license here.

Alternatively to try DriveWorks Pro go to and configure products online now!

Where can I get Support?

The DriveWorks Help files are a great starting point. You can also check out the Forums or contact your local Reseller for support.

You will find links to all these resources for each product on this page.

What Training is available?

Check out our Online tutorials for DriveWorksXpress and DriveWorks Solo.

DriveWorks Value Added Resellers provide DriveWorks Pro Administrator training courses.

Customers with an active Subscription Support contract can also watch our weekly Technical Webinars on specialist topics. These can all be accessed via the DriveWorks Pro User Community.

Getting Started Webinar

First Tuesday EVERY month – on behalf of our resellers worldwide, we host this Getting Started with DriveWorksXpress webinar. You can sign up now.

How to Video Clips

Watch our DriveWorksXpress How to Video Clips to learn how to capture parameters in your SOLIDWORKS Model, create an input form and build rules to generate new variations.

Sample Projects

Download DriveWorksXpress Sample Projects. Each one is set up and ready to run inside SOLIDWORKS. You can even open the project to learn how the rules have been set up.


By following these tutorials, you will soon be automating your own designs in SOLIDWORKS.

DriveWorksXpress Forum

Join in, ask questions & chat in the DriveWorksXpress area inside the SOLIDWORKS Forum.

Help File

You’ll find the DriveWorksXpress help file embedded inside the application. Just press F1 or the Help icon from inside SOLIDWORKS.

Get Certified

Follow the DriveWorksXpress training and certification program to become a Certified DriveWorksXpress Associate (CDWXA).

Getting Started Webinar

First and Third Wednesday EVERY month – on behalf of our resellers worldwide, we host this Getting Started with DriveWorks Solo Webinar. You can sign up now.

How To Video Clips

Watch our DriveWorks Solo How to Video Clips to learn how to capture parameters in your SOLIDWORKS Model, create great looking forms for entering your design specification and building rules to generate new variations.

Online Training

Become an expert! Download the DriveWorks Solo Training Files; Go through the Tutorial, watch the video for each lesson or sign up for one of our monthly Online Training sessions.

Sample Projects

Download DriveWorks Solo Sample Projects to see how Design Automation can be applied. Each one is set up and ready to run inside SOLIDWORKS. Use the projects to build up your knowledge.

Online Help File.

Best modelling practises for automating SolidWorks, using rules in your project, designing your input forms, these are all topics covered in the HELP file. Use the search facility to find answers fast.

Online Documentation

Pre-requisites, installation, licensing, writing rules. You’ll find sections on all the DriveWorks Pro Modules and much more.
This online resource is invaluable whether you are already using the software or just want to find out more.

How to Video Clips

Watch our DriveWorks Pro How to Video Clips to see how to set up your own Configurator.  Clips cover: design automation (CAD), form design, automating the creation of drawings, documents and running  projects.

Administrator Training

DriveWorks Pro Administrator Training is a 3 day class offered by DriveWorks Resellers using our Training Materials. The training covers the core concepts: Rules, Automation, Form Design, Work Flow and Configuration and teaches how to automate and configure same but different designs. Contact your Reseller for more information.

DriveWorks Pro Forum

The DriveWorks Pro Community is a worldwide community. Engage with others, share ideas and learn more.

New to DriveWorks? Great. Let’s get you going on your first project— whether it’s DriveWorksXpress or DriveWorks Solo we can introduce you to the basics. Our Webinar will guide you through how to set up a project from scratch.

We run the webinars FREE of charge each month, so don’t hesitate. Sign up now!

Xpress Getting Started Webinar

Solo Getting Started Webinar

DriveWorks Certification

DriveWorks Certifications are open to all DriveWorks Authorized Reseller AEs, Partners and Customers with an active Subscription Support Contract.

Request Info

Need Help from Technical Support?

DriveWorks Technical Support is available to all DriveWorks Resellers who in turn support customers locally. We automatically create a ticket so that we can respond quickly and track each enquiry.

Technical Support

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