How to Install and Use the DriveWorks CPQ Template

The DriveWorks CPQ Template is distributed using the DriveWorks CPQ Template Installer. In this article we’re looking at how to use the installer, getting started with a CPQ solution and how to customise it to suit your needs.

New: DriveWorks Rules Tech Stack

The DriveWorks Rules Tech Stack showcases the underlying rules technology in DriveWorks that makes it possible to create an intelligent solution. See how you can use DriveWorks to create a design automation and sales configurator solution that meets your specific needs.

DriveWorks Featured in The Parliamentary Review

Combining political commentary from leading journalists, with sector specific insight from Secretaries of State, Ministers and MPs, The Parliamentary Review is an indispensable guide to industry best practice, which demonstrates how sector leaders have responded to challenges in the political and economic environment. DriveWorks are pleased to be featured in this year’s edition of The Parliamentary Review as a Best Practice Representative in Technology.

New: DriveWorks 3D Tech Stack

The DriveWorks 3D Tech Stack showcases the underlying 3D technology in DriveWorks that makes it possible to create interactive online 3D configurators. See how you can use DriveWorks technology to let customers see their custom products in 3D and view the effects of their design changes immediately.

Guided Selling with DriveWorks CPQ

In today’s competitive market, manufacturing companies should consider building guided selling into their digital strategy. This approach is often described as a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution. At DriveWorks we’ve developed a CPQ template to make it easy for manufacturing companies to quickly reap the benefits of guided selling and CPQ.

Accelerate Your Online Configurator with Your Marketing Team

Free Designer License When You Buy DriveWorks Pro Administrator – Make your online 3D configurator look amazing with a license for the exclusive use of your Graphic Design or Marketing Team.

Improve Your SOLIDWORKS Skills with the DriveWorksXpress Certification

Design automation is becoming the norm. Engineering students and professionals can gain the skills they need by completing the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification. It’s free and in just 3 steps, 3 hours you can become a Certified DriveWorksXpress Associate (CDWXA).

What is the DriveWorks CPQ Template?

The DriveWorks CPQ Template is a series of DriveWorks projects and templates that when combined create a powerful CPQ solution. Its a starting point for any DriveWorks customer and can be used as a complete CPQ solution or taken apart to use individual features and functionality.

What is Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) Software?

The ability to configure, price and quote easily has become essential for companies of all sizes, in all industries. In this article, we’re looking at what CPQ software is, why a company would use it and how the manufacturing industry is changing due to digitalization.