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DriveWorks 3D – Using Appearances to Make Your 3D Files Stand Out

Tech Team Thursday

DriveWorks 3D – Using Appearances to Make Your 3D Files Stand Out

Every Thursday the DriveWorks Tech Team share their knowledge and expertise in these 30 minute value added webinars exclusively for DriveWorks Reseller AEs and DriveWorks Pro customers on subscription support.

In this DriveWorks 3D series, we’re looking at different areas of the updated 3D document in DriveWorks 15.

On Thursday, November 23rd, our Product Manager, Matt, will look at using the properties available in the Appearance Editor and how they can be used to make your 3D models stand out and look realistic.

Realistic models give your customers a better idea of what the product they receive will look like, so it’s important to keep them true to life whilst also giving them a wow factor.

To show you how to use Appearances, Matt will cover:

  • DriveWorks 3D files.
  • How Appearances are created within a DriveWorks 3D document.
  • Creation, deletion and merging of Appearances.
  • Properties of Appearances – what they do and how they affect the outcome of the model’s appearance.

This webinar is beneficial for any DriveWorks customers who want to learn how to use the new 3D functionality in DriveWorks 15.

Not only do Appearances make your models look great, but you can also use them to configure a model in 3D. Changing a model’s colour or material through an Appearance is quicker than making the changes in SOLIDWORKS.

Join Matt and he will show you how you can quickly configure a model with this basic configuration method for quick immediate results. He’ll also teach you about the properties of each Appearance and how they affect your model.

We welcome questions throughout and after the webinar.

The webinar will take place at 4pm GMT on Thursday, November 23rd.

Find the webinar time in your timezone here.


November 23rd

4pm GMT

Join Us!