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Having to do the same tasks over and over can be time consuming, boring and prone to errors. Let DriveWorksXpress automate your repetitive design tasks.

Once you have set up your design automation project, simply fill out the form and let DriveWorksXpress create the new parts, assemblies and drawings for you.

You’ll find DriveWorksXpress already embedded inside SOLIDWORKS. Just go to the Tools Menu and click on the DriveWorksXpress icon to open the design automation tool.

These concise video clips will take you through the basic steps of using DriveWorksXpress so you can start automating your own SOLIDWORKS models.

Setting Up DriveWorksXpress

Step 1: Capture SOLIDWORKS Models

Step 2: Create an Input Form

Step 3: Add Design Automation Rules

Register for a Getting Started Webinar

New to DriveWorks? Great, let’s get you going on your first project – whether it’s DriveWorksXpress or DriveWorks Solo we can introduce you to the basics.

Our Webinar will guide you through how to set up a project from scratch.

We run the webinars free of charge each month, so don’t hesitate. Sign up now!

Getting Started Webinar

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