DriveWorks Solo. Sample Projects.

Complete DriveWorks Solo Sample Projects to Download.

Download and explore the complete DriveWorks Solo projects below. Explore a range of industry examples, learn how they are set up and see what’s possible with DriveWorks Solo. Each project has already been set up and is ready to use. You can add to the project, change the rules, update the forms and make it your own!

All of the DriveWorks Solo Sample Projects below are compatible with SOLIDWORKS 2016, 2017 and 2018. You will also need DriveWorks Solo 16, available to download from the DriveWorks Community.



Configure new cupboards based on the DriveWorks Solo sample project rules or adapt them to meet your own needs.
A Cupboard sample project is included inside every seat of DriveWorks Solo.



This sample project will allow you to configure the route of a conveyor system. Complete Models and Drawings will be created as well as sales documentation.


Lifting Beam

Configure your perfect Lifting Beam. Tell the DriveWorks Solo project the Safe Working Load, dimensions and the extra items you require in addition to the Lifting Beam.



Create new wheelchairs based on the DriveWorks Solo sample project rules or change them to meet your own needs.



This sample uses SOLIDWORKS Sheetmetal features to design a custom toolbox. Configure the overall size and drawer layout before creating models, drawings and DXFs.


Agricultural Trailer

Design a completely custom agricultural trailer using DriveWorks Solo. Choose the size of the trailer and select optional extras such as covers, ramps, ladder racks, prop stands and more.


Truck Trailer

Flat bed, curtain sided, with doors or with a roller shutter door, enter the length required and configure your custom truck.


Industrial Stairs

Determine the height that the stairs are required to reach, the number of platforms necessary and the width of the steps. Detailed manufacturing drawings will be produced alongside the models and sales documents.

This sample project works with SOLIDWORKS 2016 only, no later versions.


Wooden Door

Design new doors based on the DriveWorks Solo sample project rules or adapt to meet your own needs. The forms for this project can be run in English, French, Italian, German or Spanish.



Design new canopies based on the DriveWorks Solo sample project rules or adapt them to meet your own needs.
A canopy sample project is included inside DriveWorks Solo.


Roller Shutter Door

Configure a Roller Shutter Door. Choose from a vast array of options including dimensions, fixing location, how the door is operated and the style of the slats.


Solar Heater

Configure a Solar Heater based on the space available. Every option that you change will effect the efficiency and capabilities of the Solar Heater, which will be displayed on the form.


Pressure Vessel

This project has been upscaled from DriveWorksXpress. The drawings have been automated, the forms have been redesigned and documents have been added to the project. See how a DriveWorksXpress Project can be easily upscaled into DriveWorks Solo.


Machine Guard

This sample project shows how you can use DriveWorks Solo and the SOLIDWORKS Weldment features to design a guard for your machinery.


Hydraulic Cylinder

Select size and pressure, as well as a choice of clevis. This DriveWorks Solo project will create all the order-specific models, manufacturing drawings and sales documents required.


Industrial Fan

Select a Fan style, decide how many speeds you want and the number of blades. Based on rules, the diameter of the fan grill will update based on the blade diameter.



Use this DriveWorks Solo project to configure a custom locker layout. Choose to configure your locker based on the space available or to a custom size.



Use this simple DriveWorks Solo project to quickly create the flange that you need for your project. Choose from an ASME, BS, DIN or JIS standard, the socket size, flange type and gasket material.


Medical Trolley

Configure a rolling Medical Trolley using this DriveWorks Solo sample project. Determine the size of four drawers and the text that goes on the front of each.


ROI Calculator

Use a DriveWorks Solo project to calculate the Return on Investment if you bought DriveWorks Solo today. The project creates a graph and document, as well as a boss’s justification letter and a quote for DriveWorks Solo.
A Return on Investments sample project is included inside DriveWorks Solo

More Downloadable Content

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Remember, since all DriveWorks products are scalable, these DriveWorksXpress examples can also be upgraded to DriveWorks Solo.

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