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Benefits – DriveWorks Solo

A SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partner Product providing fully integrated Design Automation inside SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Design software. DriveWorks Solo is a Rules-Based software Add-in for SOLIDWORKS that is ideal if the designs and projects you work on are the Same but Different.

Enhance Product Quality

It is easy for errors to creep in when you are short of time.
It’s easy to make a mistake when you are entering the same information again and again.
It’s easy to lose track when personnel change and when there’s just not enough time to get things done.

DriveWorks Solo lets you capture your design intent and know-how and express it as rules. Once you have defined the rules, you can apply them to the creation of same but different designs. Rules based design provides you with a valuable audit trail and enhances product quality.

Reduce Repetitive Tasks

Do you ever find yourself doing the same things again and again? Do you look at the design projects you are working on and think “that is the same but different?” Doing these same tasks over and over again can easily lead to errors and is not the best use of an engineer’s time.
Who wouldn’t rather be doing more productive and interesting things?

By automating repetitive, often mundane tasks, DriveWorks Solo frees you up so that you can concentrate on the more interesting, valuable and productive projects. Better for you and better for your company.

Reduce Cost of Custom Designs

Demand is higher than ever for customization and personalization. We all want products to our own specification. Without economies of scale this can be hard to achieve and expensive to deliver. However, with DriveWorks you put the best methods and processes of your best engineers in to your configurator. You capture the rules and know-how; then next time you specify a variation of your design, you can let the computer do the calculations and repetitive work.

The Result? Lower design costs, shorter sales cycles, higher levels of customer service, more sales success.

Respond Quickly to Sales Enquiries

DriveWorks Solo is also of benefit if as a design engineer or product designer, you are asked to support your company’s sales activities. This may involve providing supporting documentation, such as General Arrangement Drawings or data that can be used for Quoting.

As well as detailed manufacturing drawings, DriveWorks Solo enables engineers to re-use engineering and 3D CAD data to automatically generate custom quotes, covering letters and a Bill of Materials. Accurate, good looking documents, delivered fast are an undeniable competitive advantage.

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