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We are a team of enthusiastic developers, creatives, marketers, tech geeks and engineers.

Our office is a 250 year old barn located just outside of Manchester and only a few miles from Sci-Tech Daresbury. We are proud members of Manchester Digital and actively involved supporting technology and innovation throughout the region.

Investing in our employees is part of our DNA and we’ve proved our commitment by earning an Investors in People Award, ranking us amongst the  best when it comes to people management.

As a software company that focuses on software development, taking our products to market, and supporting the use of the software, our business naturally divides into 4 main business areas:

  • Development
  • Operations
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Technical Support

If you have a passion for your subject, a thirst for knowledge and want to work in a challenging and fun environment then you would make a great member of the DriveWorks team.

Current Vacancies

Software Developers

Software Developers

We’re looking for passionate Software Developers to join our development team.

We are looking for people that:

  • Have at least 4 years professional and varied experience, quality is more important than quantity though.
  • Preferably have worked on distributed or highly available systems.
  • Are able to be a little independent of guidance and think for themselves.
  • Can solve problems and explain their solutions clearly.
  • Will be excited to join us and will fit in with the team!

We are a close-knit development team and although small, we operate all over the world, are a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner and number one in our field in configuring 3D CAD. We have some massive and exciting opportunities ahead of us.

We are an independent software company that believes in:

  • Doing the Right Thing – Taking the longer route to writing code if it means a higher quality.
  • Openness – We are open to sharing and listening to you. Whether it’s about development choices, company focuses or the colour of the bike shed.
  • Experimentation – Trying out new languages and frameworks. Even if we don’t end up using things, we can still learn from them.
  • Automation – Our software is all about automation but we also automate it and everything else we possibly can.
  • Passion – It takes a little something extra to make great software. Every developer at DriveWorks believes we are making the best software we can and want to see it become even greater!
  • Freedom – We try to let people control their time and tasks as much as possible.
  • Testing and Tracking – Humans are squishy and data is king. Writing tests can be fun!

Technically speaking we:

  • Are mainly C# (dotnet core) and TypeScript (browser and node) based.
  • Use git – We even have our own internal Github Enterprise server, but use VSTS too.
  • Review code – Everyone gets their code reviewed and anyone can review anything.
  • Continuously integrate – We use build servers like TeamCity and VSTS. Even small tools get a place there.
  • Create service-based cloud software.
  • Are pretty up to date – At the start of every dev cycle we try to ensure that we are using the most up to date tooling we can.
  • Deal with interesting and varied problems – The interesting part might be a little subjective, but we deal with a full spectrum of ever-changing dev tasks.

If you would like to be part of our team…
Please send us your CV (as a PDF) by email and be sure to tell us why you are interested and what you could do. We look forward to hearing from you!

Strictly no agencies.

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Manchester Digital

DriveWorks Graduate Schemes & Internships

Find out more about the opportunities available to undergraduates and postgraduates across several disciplines and what it’s like to be part of our team.

Graduate Schemes

We have an 18 month Graduate Training Scheme available across several disciplines because we understand the importance of investing in the future.
DriveWorks trainees benefit from internal and external training and are encouraged and supported to work towards and attain professional accreditations.



Megan joined the DriveWorks team in June on our Graduate Scheme after graduating from The University of Huddersfield with a first class honours degree.

“I’m at DriveWorks on the Sales and Marketing Graduate Scheme. During my short time here I have already attended 4 training courses, and represented the company at various events. DriveWorks has given me real responsibility and helped me realise my own potential. It’s also introduced me to a team focused environment, who have supported and welcomed me throughout my whole learning experience. The daunting move from Yorkshire to Cheshire has soon become the best decision I’ve made.” – Megan


We offer internships from 1 month to 1 year.
We understand the importance of investing in the future so every year, we take on undergraduates across several disciplines.
DriveWorks trainees benefit from internal and external training and are encouraged and supported to work towards and attain professional accreditations.

Developer Placements



After completing his placement year at DriveWorks, Danny has accepted an offer to join our Graduate Training Scheme.

“Words can’t describe how awesome a placement at DriveWorks has been for me. My placement at DriveWorks has provided me with so many skills in new languages, frameworks, best practices, project management, collaboration, communication and more. I am more confident as a person and a developer in industry because of my placement; it has provided opportunities that you simply cannot get by just studying a course at University. It will be invaluable to my final year studies as well as a career as a developer as a graduate.”

“I love coming in to work every day and don’t shut up about what I’ve learnt, which probably drives people a bit mad. I’m surrounded with passionate, clever and wonderful people and get to work on amazing things whilst being treated as an equal. DriveWorks treat their placement students so well and really make you feel like an equal member of the team.”

“If you have a passion for what you do and want to work hard whilst having a great time with the people around you, you’ll fit in here just great. DriveWorks is full of bright people and that’s what counts.” – Danny



Sarah was on placement here at DriveWorks during her third year of University, 7 years later she is now a Senior Developer managing a team of people.

“Working at DriveWorks on my placement year was by far the best part of my degree. It vastly improved my skills in .NET and gave me the opportunity to learn a host of new technologies. I was amazed that I was given the same responsibilities as the other developers and getting to see customers’ feedback on the features I worked on was very rewarding. I found my final year a breeze thanks to this placement and I was lucky enough to be offered a full time position at the end of it.” – Sarah

Sales & Marketing Placements



Jessica completed a 12 month placement at DriveWorks, continued to work with us part time throughout final year and has now returned to complete a Graduate Scheme.

“Before I started my placement I was worried about working in such a technical company but I really wasn’t expected to know everything, a placement is all about learning and everyone is so supportive and willing to share their knowledge. Throughout my placement, I learnt new skills that I never would have picked up at University. My placement gave me some great dissertation ideas which really helped me in final year and all of the training I did was invaluable.”

“I really enjoyed my placement and feel incredibly lucky to have found a placement that was so enjoyable and valuable at the same time. I’m so excited to start my Graduate Scheme here.” – Jessica

Technical Placements



Tom spent his placement year in the Technical Team at DriveWorks and is returning to complete a Graduate Scheme here too.

“My placement has given me more of an idea of what I want to do when I leave university and given me more of a drive to succeed, as I’ve seen what it’s like in the real world! Probably the biggest thing that placement has made me learn is that working hard pays off, and upon returning to university I think I’ll have matured towards my studies.”

“DriveWorks is a great company to do a placement at, as they want you to learn as much as possible. I think the best thing about being on placement here is that day to day you don’t feel like a placement student as such. DriveWorks gives you a proper taste of what being in a real workplace is all about. DriveWorks really get you on board with decision making that affects the company, and you actually feel like you are doing something useful. As well as all this, there are so many opportunities to gain extra experience and qualifications that you don’t get at many other placements. You’re given all kinds of training and things that you can take back and learn from, and apply to anything in the future.”

“Everyone made me feel right at home, and I feel I have been given the right amount of responsibility and the right amount of support and guidance to let me achieve exactly what both I, and the company, want me to. I think as long as you’re willing to learn new things, and do things you’ve never done before, you’ll settle right in!” – Tom



Phil was on placement at DriveWorks year in the Technical Team at DriveWorks and 6 years later he is now the Technical Team Manager.

“I found it quite amazing how much I learnt in such a short period of time on my placement. Not just about using DriveWorks, but my SOLIDWORKS skills improved greatly and I picked up knowledge about how a company is ran, from marketing and sales, to more general everyday going on’s. I gained skills on my placement that I wouldn’t have picked up on my degree course, and skills that have and will stay with me for a long time.” – Phil

Operations Placements



Jake completed his placement within the DriveWorks Technical Team and after realising how his skills can really help the business, he is returning to complete a Graduate Scheme within the Operations Team.

“I love working here, it gives me the freedom, resources and creativity to learn everything I want to. The building is beautiful, the people are awesome and I am treated really well. The thing I like most at DriveWorks is that they are always happy to hear an idea. Whatever the idea you will be listened to.”
“I gathered so much technical knowledge on my placement and it gave me a massive boost towards being ready for my final year. But what was more valuable was that I became more professional in my approach to my work, apologies for this cliché, but it is so true.”
“Even if it’s outside your degree, there’s a massive opportunity here to learn about business, sales, engineering, design, software development, and more, if you are willing to.”
– Jake



Holly is in her third year at Manchester Metropolitan University and is completing a Business and Finance placement at DriveWorks.

“My experience at DriveWorks has been invaluable. Not only have I learnt LOADS, I have really enjoyed my experience, which makes finishing university and starting real working life a lot less daunting. My placement is definitely going to have a huge impact on my future. My confidence in general has increased dramatically. When I think back to answering the phone in my first couple of weeks and compare it to now, I can see a big improvement. My writing has improved through emails and from writing a weekly newsletter. DriveWorks have also sponsored me to complete a certification in an accounting software which I am extremely proud of.”

“I never thought that I would work at a company where all the people like cake just as much as me! If you’re fun, friendly, hardworking, then DriveWorks is the perfect place for you.” – Holly

What other DriveWorks Interns have said…

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Work Hard, Deliver Results, Get Rewarded

  • Personal Development & Training Plan
  • Holidays
  • Pension Scheme
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Bike to Work Scheme
  • Informal Team Events & Activities
  • Great Environment
  • Showers on Site
  • Open Plan Office
  • Latest Equipment
  • 3D Printer
  • Vive
  • Fun & Fast Paced

Find out more about us on our Meet the Team page, our blog and our Facebook page.


If you would like to be part of our team…

Please send us your CV by email and be sure to tell us why you are interested and what you could do. We look forward to hearing from you!

Agencies please note…
We like to meet people face to face and get to know them, for that reason we do not recruit through agencies.

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