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Offering customized products and services is a great competitive differentiator, leading to more sales, higher revenues, and happy customers. However, with more and more companies turning to customization to gain market share, you need to be able to turn around proposals quickly, design and manufacture efficiently, and deliver on your promises consistently, while maintaining a healthy profit.

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If you’ve got SOLIDWORKS, you’ve already got Design Automation. DriveWorksXpress is a free Design Automation tool already installed in every licence of SOLIDWORKS. Find it in the tools menu and start automating your SOLIDWORKS models. If you want more functionality, try DriveWorks Solo. Download the Free 30 Day Trial of DriveWorks Solo to start your own Design Automation project.

Is Design Automation Worth It?

If the success stories from current DriveWorks customers aren’t enough, use the DriveWorks Solo ROI Calculator to calculate the savings you could make, and get an idea of how soon you could benefit from using Design Automation.

Learn More About Design Automation

If you’re interested in Design Automation, there are many ways that you can learn more about how to set up and use DriveWorks. With our extensive range of training options, you’ll quickly be proficient in DriveWorks. As DriveWorks is a scalable solution, you can add extra functionality and modules whenever you’re ready.

Why Use Design Automation?

To achieve operational excellence, where you’re able to turn around proposals quickly, design and manufacture efficiently, and deliver on your promises consistently, while maintaining a healthy profit, there is always a trade-off. With each new sales inquiry, valuable engineering resources get squeezed to create proposal documents and approval drawings as fast as possible, with best guess costings, for orders that may never happen. This leaves less time to re-engineer existing designs, update drawings and carefully check every detail, leaving you open to errors, rework, backlogs and delays, all of which can affect your profit margins and damage your reputation. By automating many of these time-sensitive upfront activities, you have more time to innovate, add value, increase throughput, and win more business.

Design Automation
Design Automation

Design Automation and Knowledge Capture

Design practices often evolve through years of industry experience and sharing this knowledge with others is difficult. By capturing and reusing the combined knowledge of your most experienced engineers, you can automate your design processes and reduce repetitive tasks and errors. Parametric 3D CAD systems enable expert users to add geometric relationships and equation-driven dimensions, and save time with automatic drawing updates. But unravelling the complex design references created by others, to make changes or to automate another product, is difficult and time consuming. DriveWorks uses a different approach. With simple and straightforward rules and decision logic, you can easily capture and reuse all your design, manufacturing and cost estimation knowledge to truly automate your business.

Automate Your Business One Step at a Time

With DriveWorks, you can automate as little or as much as you like, and at your own pace. Start in engineering and add design rules to drive your 3D CAD models, create detailed drawings and generate Bills of Materials for manufacturing. When all non-value adding activities are automated, your engineers can then spend more time focusing on improving product quality, developing new products, or researching new market opportunities. Sales can then be the next area of your business to benefit from automation. With a standardized set of product options and automated quotations and cover letters, sales becomes more proficient, customer inquiries are dealt with quickly and throughput is increased, leading to more orders, reduced operational overheads, and better customer service.

Design Automation
Design Automation and Sales Configurator

Easy to Set Up, Manage and Use

A DriveWorks design automation project is surprisingly easy to create, configure, maintain and use – no programming skills or consultants required. Once a set of 3D models, design rules, forms and document templates have been created, they can be used over and over again, anywhere on any device – on desktop, mobile, tablet, and inside your 3D CAD system.

Design Automation and Online Sales Configurators

You can also distribute your DriveWorks project through your company website as an online sales configurator, so that sales teams, distributors, dealers and customers can configure and order customized products anytime, anywhere, on any device. Connect to your other business systems such as MRP, ERP, and CRM and you have a full solution that can not only cost a product, but determine customer-specific pricing and schedule deliveries based on available resources, inventory levels, and lead times.

Use DriveWorks on Any Device
Design Automation

Find Out More

Download the Design Automation Data Sheet.

For more information and to read quotes from current DriveWorks customers, who have seen huge benefits from implementing DriveWorks design automation, download the data sheet. The data sheet is a printable PDF so you can easily share this information.

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