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The DriveWorks Christmas Tree: Day Seven

This year our Christmas tree is decorated with the faces of our team members.
Each day we will be taking a look at who’s on the tree and finding out more about how they spend the holidays.

Meet Carl, Howie and Lewis


My favourite part about the festive season is getting to see my extended family. We live all up and down the country and don’t get time to see each other often, so Christmas is usually the time we get to spend together. That, and Christmas Dinner of course.

My personal tradition for Christmas is to drink a bottle of Baileys and watch The Muppets: Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve (Which is best Christmas Movie by far, I might add).

My highlight of 2018 was starting work at DriveWorks! I was a little unsure how I would find it before I started, but haven’t looked back since. I’m looking forward to taking what I’ve learnt back to university next year, but I’m dreading leaving! It already feels like home!


My favourite part of Christmas is the selection of films to watch on the television! There are so many classics and I do my best to schedule a full day of non-stop films, not forgetting the food! I will be indulging myself in all treats, sweets festive goodies!

Christmas Eve will be spent at my local pub with friends where we catch up ahead of the busy few weeks to follow. I don’t really have a Christmas tradition. For the past four years I have worked retail, usually consisting of long days from dark mornings to dark evenings. This year I look forward to being out of the shopping carnage and instead be comfy and cosy at home with friends and family.


My family are pretty boring in terms of Christmas traditions other than getting together, playing games, being lazy, and eating a lot (we are especially good at the last two).

I enjoy the cold weather, especially when it snows. I also like eating around the table with family, opening Christmas crackers (where I inevitably employ dirty tactics to win), and watching films together.

I hope to get money from Santa this year so I can build a new computer, but an orange and a handful of nuts will suffice.