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A new DriveWorksXpress Example for you to use

Here is yet another completed DriveWorksXpress example for you to have a go with.

UnderrunFill out a DriveWorksXpress Form to specify a new under run bar for a trailer and generate all the models and manufacturing data associated with it

Specify and automatically create parts, assemblies and drawings for new variations of the Guard Rail over and over again. Just enter your required Length and Height and select your material preference. Guard_rail

You can also go in to Add/Edit Model and step through the example to see how it has been created and how the rules have been built – it is the ideal way to get to know the ins and outs of DriveWorksXpress

And remember all you need to know is Microsoft Excel to build rules in DriveWorksXpress – it really is the Easy-to-Use answer to Design Automation for SolidWorks Engineers.

There are over 20 DriveWorksXpress sample projects available on our website which you can download and use inside SOLIDWORKS. Each project has already been set up so all you need to do is run it!

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