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Every Thursday the DriveWorks Tech Team share their knowledge and expertise in 30 minute value added webinars exclusively for DriveWorks Reseller AEs and DriveWorks Pro customers on subscription support.

We’ve got great new content coming up shortly, but first we wanted to take the opportunity to revisit some of our previous sessions.

This givesnew and existing DriveWorks Pro customers and Reseller AE’s the opportunity to revisit (or watch for the first time!) some of the brilliant titles we’ve previously made.

Here’s a preview of what’s coming up…

An Introduction to Forms – Creating a User Experience in DriveWorks

Thursday 7th January

In this webinar Matt will discuss the benefits and results that come from considering your DriveWorks user experience more carefully.

Starting with some basic lessons (setting up form navigation and form decisions; adding basic controls to a form; positioning controls; Form Warnings; putting a form within a form and images on forms), this webinar is the perfect place to begin evolving your DriveWorks user experience.

An Introduction to Workflow – Specification Flow, Who, What and When

Thursday 14th January

In this webinar, Rob will show you how to control the behaviour of a specification and the benefits that come from considering your Workflow more closely.

How you develop your DriveWorks Workflow is entirely dependent on your business processes.

The topics covered in the webinar ensure you fully understand the features of DriveWorks Specification Flow and provide a solid foundation for you to start your own customisations.

An Introduction to Automating SOLIDWORKS

Thursday 21st January

In this webinar, Phil will highlight the fundamental lessons that will help you Automate your SOLIDWORKS models in DriveWorks.

Speeding up your design process and automating repetitive tasks are attainable goals that can be achieved with DriveWorks.This webinar takes you through a high level guide giving you a starting block and helping to set strong foundations for your DriveWorks project.

If you are new to DriveWorks or you want to revisit the first steps of Automating your SOLIDWORKS models this is the webinar for you.

An Introduction to Integration – Getting Data In and Out of 3rd Party Systems

Thursday 28th January

DriveWorks Pro has the ability to integrate with your existing 3rd party systems such as Databases, ERP and CRM systems as well as downstream CAM. This helps your business to work smart e.g., reducing the time it takes to communicate data throughout your business and reducing errors along the way.

In this webinar Glen will be demonstrating a high level overview including:
Data Import
File import and export
Dynamic Links to Databases
Programmatic access through the DriveWorks Application Programming Interface (API)
User interface integration embedding or linking DriveWorks forms inside your existing systems

Each section will be supported by a short demonstration; starting you on your integration journey. Glen will round off with links to further reading alongside scenario examples. If you are new to DriveWorks Pro or you are looking to improve your business processes this webinar is a great place to start.

Glen Smith - CEO

An Introduction to Deployment – Rolling Out DriveWorks Across Your Company

Thursday 4th February

In this Webinar Matt will talk about Deploying DriveWorks taking your DriveWorks Project from a single user to a multi-user environment. In order to deploy DriveWorks successfully there are some key areas you need to consider and plan for in advance. This webinar will take you through a step by step approach; giving you an insight that enables you to prepare to deploy your DriveWorks project.

Whether you are a new customer, looking to plan for the future deployment of your DriveWorks project or an existing customer, looking to learn more about DriveWorks Deployment; this webinar is the place to start.

An Introduction to Rules – IF(knowledge=low,WatchClosely,WatchAnyway)

Thursday 11th February

If you can define your knowledge and intent as rules, then you can use those rules to make relevant decisions and perform actions.

Rules are a great way of telling a computer how to work something out. Computers can perform repetitive tasks so that we dont have to.

In this webinar, Rob will look at the DriveWorks Rules Builder Wizard and demonstrate an easy to use guide to help you create your own Rules.

This webinar is a great place to start your DriveWorks project, but equally this webinar offers an opportunity to refresh and enhance the rules behind your designs

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