Embedding DriveWorks as a Configurator in your Website?

Check out the DriveWorks Live Integration Module. DriveWorks Pro is made up of different license types: DriveWorks Administrator, DriveWorks Autopilot and DriveWorks Live. Companies that want to integrate DriveWorks as a configurator in to an external website, can use the integration module functionality in DriveWorks Pro Live to do this. This webinar will show you how to use the integration functionality to pass values into a specification from the URL itself, or by embedding your DriveWorks forms using DriveWorks Live in a frame or iframe, on your existing website. We will cover how to start using the integration module to pass data to the specification through the URL as well as more advanced options such as how to Auto Login to your DriveWorks Group and even how to automatically start a specification. If you are taking your forms and putting them inside your own website then you will want to think about using the functionality of the integration module and the features it brings. This is a value add event for DriveWorks Customers with an active subscription support contract and all Authorized Value Added DriveWorks Resellers. You can register here Customers Resellers

DriveWorks – Top 4 Reasons for Implementing a Sales Configurator

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DriveWorks and CRM

Can I use DriveWorks with our company’s CRM system? Yes! This is a question that comes up quite often and the good news is that DriveWorks Pro Configurator projects can be integrated with many other company systems, including CRM systems. The architecture of DriveWorks software is very open and this means that DriveWorks Pro can take inputs from many data sources, use it, perform operations and calculations, and then pass information on to other systems. In the case of CRM, this means that your DriveWorks Configurator can use data directly queried from your CRM records. This information can then be displayed in your configurator interface (DriveWorks forms), perhaps as a customer list with billing and delivery addresses or other business relevant options. And because DriveWorks is a rules-based system, you can then set the rules that are to be applied to the information entered and decide what happens to it. This type of integration is a great time and money saver. Information does not need to be manually re-entered on the form and this in turn helps to cut down the potential for costly errors caused by mis-typing. As well as using data from CRM programs such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, DriveWorks Pro can also pass data directly in to other company systems such as Product Data Management Systems (PDM). There is an out of the box integration for DriveWorks Pro to SolidWorks Enterprise PDM which is also used by many companies using DriveWorks for Design Automation. These are just a few examples of what can be done with DriveWorks through the flexiblity of the underlying rules engine and form design capability. Such customizablity means that you can impelement DriveWorks to work alongside almost any company system. To find out more about DriveWorks integration email us at  

DriveWorks Live Month – Configure a Server Rack

DriveWorks can be used as a Configurator by anyone! With DriveWorks Pro your company can run projects like those featured on   This week we will be looking at the DriveWorks Live Rack Configurator example. This example yet again shows off some interesting ways of using DriveWorks Live including the ability to easily add new products, the flexibility of DriveWorks visualisation and the ability to up-sell on configurable items. Feature 1 – Data Driven Configurable Products DriveWorks makes it easy for your company to maintain its catalogue of products on-line without the need for constantly re-designing your website. As DriveWorks can import your product information from an easy-to-update table, your products are always up-to-date! With the correct information anyone from your company will be able to update your products.   Feature Number 2 – Intuitive Up-Selling With DriveWorks, you can create an intuitive user interface where the user is led through the sales process. First they choose their products and then select any add-ons that they wish to purchase; as shown above. This enables your company to easily up-sell and add value to your customers’ requests.         Feature 3 –  Flexible Visualisation  With DriveWorks you can not only see your configured item in both 2D and 3D but you also have the option to move these server racks in to different positions. Allowing you to see how it would look in each configuration. Rather than a simple, static picture this feature allows your customer to not only configure their product specifications, but also the design. All of this was created in our form editor and can be easily edited to update the pictures involved.     If you would like to know more about how DriveWorks can help your company please visit our site: 

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