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What Why How: DriveWorks Live

Tech Team Thursday Webinar.

What Why How: DriveWorks Live

November 28th

The DriveWorks Tech Team Thursday webinars are a series of 30-minute value added webinars where the DriveWorks Tech Team share their knowledge and expertise. These webinars are exclusively for DriveWorks Reseller AEs and DriveWorks Pro customers on subscription support.

On Thursday, November 28th, DriveWorks Technical Specialist, Mike will be sharing his knowledge about DriveWorks Live.

DriveWorks Pro is structured into individual software modules, each designed to address specific business needs. In this webinar, DriveWorks Technical Specialist, Mike will be looking at DriveWorks Live, including what it is, why it is good and how to set it up and use it.

DriveWorks Live enables sales teams, distributors, dealers, and customers to configure custom products on any device with a web browser. Giving companies a true global presence to reach more customers faster than ever before.

During this webinar Mike will discuss DriveWorks Live answering any technical set up and implementation questions you may have. Mike will talk about the advantages and scalability of running projects in DriveWorks Live.

  • To show you what can be achieved, Mike will cover:
  • DriveWorks Live Summary
  • Technical Requirements
  • Licensing DriveWorks Live
  • DriveWorks Live Checklist
  • DriveWorks Live and ISS
  • DriveWorks Live as an application
  • Embedding DriveWorks Live into your website

No matter which stage youre at with your DriveWorks implementation, this webinar will be beneficial. Learn more about the benefits and what you can achieve with DriveWorks Live.

Mike will also give a step by step guide to implementing DriveWorks Live to help you manage your projects and get the most out of DriveWorks.

Join Mike to learn more!

We welcome questions throughout and after the webinar.

The webinar will take place at 4pm GMT on Thursday, November 28th.

Find the webinar time in your timezonehere.


November 28th

4pm GMT

Join Us!