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Using DriveWorks Rules to Create Detailed Bills of Materials

Tech Team Thursday

Using DriveWorks Rules to Create Detailed Bills of Materials

Every Thursday the DriveWorks Tech Team share their knowledge and expertise in these 30 minute value added webinars exclusively for DriveWorks Reseller AEs and DriveWorks Pro customers on subscription support.

On Thursday, June 21st, DriveWorks Technical Specialist, Mike, will take a closer look at how you can use DriveWorks rules to create detailed Bills of Materials (BOMs).

DriveWorks has always had the ability to create BOMs and there are many existing DriveWorks templates and plugins available to help you. In DriveWorks 16, we introduced a new way of controlling BOM creation using Generation Tasks and Features.

To show you how to create BOMs using DriveWorks, Mike will cover:
The DriveWorks BOMDocument Template.
Output information to SOLIDWORKS BOM.
The DriveWorks BOM to Excel plugin.
The DriveWorks BOM to Database plugin.
Creating DriveWorks only BOMs.
Hybrid BOMs using DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS.

If youre currently using any of the DriveWorks BOM templates or plugins, this webinar is a great way to refresh your knowledge. Mike will also show you alternative ways to create BOMs in DriveWorks, using Generation Tasks, that could help to make your business more efficient.

If youre not using DriveWorks to create detailed BOMs yet, youll learn more about how to set this up, what can be achieved and the benefits of automating this process!

We welcome questions throughout and after the webinar.

The webinar will take place at 4pm BST on Thursday,June 21st.

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June 21st

4pm BST

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