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Tech Team Thursday: What’s New in DriveWorks 12 – Part 3

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Tech Team Thursday: What’s New in DriveWorks 12 – Part 3

Every Thursday, the Tech Team will be sharing knowledge with DriveWorks Reseller Application Engineers and DriveWorks Pro Customers with an Active Subscription Support Contract.

On Thursday, 23rd April, we’ll be hosting the final Webinar from an exciting new series. Following the release of DriveWorks 12, our experienced Tech Team will be showcasing the new features available to DriveWorks Pro users.

We are very excited about DriveWorks 12 and we hope you enjoy using it.

DriveWorks 12 includes enhancements and new features aimed at making DriveWorks easier and more obvious to use.

Adding new capabilities helps our customers to create a great online experience for their users and customers, as well as enhancing the design automation experience.

Many of the enhancements in DriveWorks 12 are customer suggestions, sent to us at

This release focuses on the following themes:

• Improved Model Generation and Specification Diagnostics
• Enhanced Forms capabilities, especially when working with Drive3D files
• A focus on tabular data, with 2 new table types and 24 new table functions
• Improved specification experience
• General usability enhancements

With so many new features to announce, we have spread the What’s New in DriveWorks 12 topic across three Webinars.

This is the final Webinar in the What’s New series, you can catch up on the first two Webinars in the DriveWorks Community

The Webinar will take place on Thursday, April 23rd at 4pm GMT, use the table on the right to find the time in your timezone.

Click the link below to sign up, you will need access to the DriveWorks Community.

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