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Tech Team Thursday – Deep Dive: Specification Macros, Specification Settings and Specification Flow

Tech Team Thursday: Deep Dive – Specification Macros, Specification Settings and Specification Flow

Every Thursday, the Tech Team share theirknowledge with DriveWorks Reseller Application Engineers and DriveWorks Pro Customers with an Active Subscription Support Contract.

This Webinar will be hosted by Joe, DriveWorksApplications Engineer. He will be presenting ‘Deep Dive: Specification Macros, Specification Settings and Specification Flow’ part of the Workflow category.

Joe will be taking a look at Specification Macros, Specification Settings and Specification Flow in DriveWorks.

Specification Flow is the way in which the Project is filled out and completed.

Specification Macros allow you to run multiple tasks with one click at any point in the Specification.

Specification Settings store the details about the special variable DWSpecification. This is also the location of the Specification Path, and additional folders can be created from here.

As this is a Deep Dive webinar, Joe will be covering more advanced aspects of Workflow. Having knowledge of these advanced pieces of functionality can really benefit your DriveWorks projects. To explain these functions, Joe will cover:

Advanced aspects of Macros, including:
Running Macros in a loop
Macro arguments and how useful they can be
Delaying Macro timeout
How to skip remaining tasks for troubleshooting

Concepts of Specification Flow, explaining:
When can transitions be run?
The owner of the specification concept
Which DriveWorks module runs the tasks

Specification Flow tips

An explanation of Specification Settings

If youd like to know more about how DriveWorks runs a project with regards to the Workflow, this Webinar is a great way to learn. Joe will demonstrate some specific tasks that are more advanced and help you to gain a good understanding of Specification Flow troubleshooting.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the Webinar.

The Webinar will take place on Thursday, June 18th at 4pm GMT, use the table on the right to find the time in your timezone.

Click the link below to sign up, you will need access to the DriveWorks Community.