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Sqédio 4.0 & SOLIDWORKS 2020 Release Events

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Release Event

We’re excited to be joining Sqédio for the 2nd edition of the Sqédio i4.0 and SOLIDWORKS 2020 launch event on the October 2nd in Ageuda, Portugal.

Join Sqédio as they unveil all the new features and capabilities in SOLIDWORKS 2020.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 comes with hundreds of new user-oriented enhancements looking for higher performance, simplified workflows and greater connectivity.

Learn first-hand success stories from national companies that have strategically focused on digitizing their industrial processes by watching one of their SOLIDWORKS 2020 Launch Events live.

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Sign up for the largest i4.0 Networking, Outreach and Demonstration Solutions event with immediate application to your business.

Sqédio can introduce you to Industry 4.0’s only platform capable of fully integrating plant floor engineering, management and control.

The Sqédio i4.0 event is aimed at management and management positions of industrial companies.

Make sure you register as spaces are limited!


October 9th

Mª Grande

October 14th


October 18th


October 24th