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Service Pack Webinar Special: DriveWorks and EPDM

DriveWorks and EPDM.

Alongside the release of DriveWorks 12 SP 1, Phil will be presenting this Webinar special.

DriveWorks 12 Service Pack 1 has been released and is now available to download from the DriveWorks Community. For SP 1, we updated the DriveWorks and EPDM plugin.

In this Webinar, Phil will be taking a look at the updates to the EPDM plugin and how they can benefit you.

To explain the new features and keep you up to date, Phil will cover:
– Vault settings
– New EPDM Specification Flow Tasks
– Creating files into a vault
– Multiple Autopilots

This Webinar will help you to understand how DriveWorks and EPDM interact with each other and how to get the most of the integration. Phil will cover the various settings and how the new features can benefit your DriveWorks projects.

During this Webinar, youll learn the best ways of putting together DriveWorks and EPDM and how you can configure the plugin to work with your details.

If youre already using EPDM, this Webinar is a great way to learn about the changes weve made and what that means for you.

If youre not yet using DriveWorks with EPDM then use this Webinar as a way of learning what more you can do.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the Webinar.

The Webinar will take place on Thursday, July 2nd at 4pm GMT, use the table on the right to find the time in your timezone.

Click the link below to sign up, you will need access to the DriveWorks Community.

Webinar Timezones 4pm