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Let’s Chat About: Integration

Let’s Chat About: Integration

Thursday, 4th November

These brand-new technical discussion sessions will help you learn more about DriveWorks, improve your technical knowledge and get the most from the software.

In each session, members of the DriveWorks team will discuss a specific topic, encouraging you to ask questions and share your own knowledge with others in the DriveWorks Community.

Hosted on Microsoft Teams, these 45-minute sessions are designed to enable us all to share technical knowledge and discuss features and functionality in detail.

Join us and get involved in the discussion or sit back and learn from other DriveWorks users.

Grab a coffee and let’s chat!

On Thursday 4th November, join us to chat about integration.

The ability to fully integrate your company’s departments and procedures by re-using and sharing data is key to using DriveWorks.

Integrate DriveWorks with any of your company systems – link to your CRM system, retrieve live information from logistics partners, update your ERP system and more.

During this session, we will be discussing everything from getting started with DriveWorks integration to more advanced use of the integration theme.

No matter your experience or knowledge of rules, join us to learn more and chat.

These sessions are exclusively for DriveWorks Pro customers on subscription support, DriveWorks Resellers and Partners.

Let’s Chat About: Integration

Thursday, 4th November

4 pm GMT

Before You Join Us

Help shape the conversation by letting us know what you would like us to discuss. When you register, share with us the aspects you’re most interested in and we’ll cover as many of the suggestions as we can during the session.

We’ll provide you with a list of courses in the DriveWorks Learning Portal that you might want to complete before each session.

You need to create an account, even if you had an account in the previous DriveWorks Community.

It’s quick and easy to create a MyDriveWorks account and get access to the Learning Portal.

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