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How We Use DriveWorks to Automate Our Business

Tech Team Thursday

How We Use DriveWorks to Automate Our Business

Every Thursday the DriveWorks Tech Team share their knowledge and expertise in these 30 minute value added webinars exclusively for DriveWorks Reseller AEs and DriveWorks Pro customers on subscription support.

On Thursday, November 19th, DriveWorks Technical Team Manager, Phil will be taking a look at How We Use DriveWorks to Automate Our Business.

How We Use DriveWorks to Automate Our Business

Design Automation is just one small part of the capabilities of DriveWorks. Here at DriveWorks, we use the software to automate our day to day business processes.

In this webinar, Phil will be demonstrating the different ways DriveWorks can be applied to many situations. Phil will show you our Internal Projects system, which houses several of our business processes automated by DriveWorks.

Phil will begin by looking at how we use the software internally and how we started from the beginning, by firstly automating our standard business processes, growing over time to automate day to day tasks.

To help you understand the many uses of DriveWorks, Phil will cover:
– An overview of our Internal Projects
– Requesting / cancelling annual leave
– Ordering DriveWorks branded clothing
– Completing company expenses forms
– Generating DriveWorks licence codes

If you are a DriveWorks user looking to get more out of the software, this webinar is a great way to discover how you can go beyond Design Automation.

Pick up some tips from our Tech Team and learn how to use DriveWorks in non-obvious ways, to automate your internal processes and save time.

We welcome questions throughout and after the webinar.

The webinar will take place at 4pm GMT on Thursday, November 19th.

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November 19th

4pm GMT

Join Us!