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Getting Started With DriveWorksXpress – CAD2M

SolidWorks Roll Out Event

Is every product that you make unique, but they are the ‘same but different’?Then the Configure-To-Order (CTO) method might be of interest to you.With the CTO principle you standardize products and you no longer need to redesign for each order.You build the order from existing blocks, or adjust features such as size and material.In this way,customer wishescanstill be met within certain frameworks.

Did you know that every SOLIDWORKS user can get started with CTO?In every SOLIDWORKS license, the DriveWorksXpress configurator is included.This allows you to put together your product according to customer requirements.You can use DriveWorksXpressfor free!Curious how?Register for the getting started with DriveWorksXpress webinar, hosted by CAD2M, a DriveWorks reseller.

On Wednesday 25th April 2018, CAD2M’s specialist, Carola, will host a webinar about the use of DriveWorksXpress.She will discuss the basics of configuring and show you how to start a DriveWorks project.So keep SOLIDWORKS at hand during the webinar, then you can watch immediately!In your confirmation email you will find instructions of how to activate DriveWorksXpress.

The webinar lasts 30 minutes and starts at 10:30am.