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DriveWorks Solo Certification Webinar

Tech Team Thursday

New DriveWorks Solo Certification

In this DriveWorks Solo Certification webinar, Mike Loftus and Tom Wormald, our Technical Specialists, will be introducing the new DriveWorks Solo Certification.

Previously, the DriveWorks Solo Certification was only available to our resellers. Following the success of theDriveWorksXpress Certification, we have revamped the DriveWorks Solo Certification and made it available to anyone with DriveWorks Solo or on the 30-day trial.

TheDriveWorks Solo Certificationis atimed examwith questions covering multiple aspects of DriveWorks Solo functionality. This free certification can be completed by anyone with a DriveWorks Solo licence, including the30-day free trial.

In this webinar, Mike and Tom will discuss DriveWorks Solo, the 30-day DriveWorks Solo free trial and the steps to take to learn more about DriveWorks Solo and successfully prepare for taking the Online Certification.

Join this webinar to find out more about DriveWorks products. Learn how to download DriveWorks Solo and more about our wide range of resources that will help guide you through using DriveWorks Solo and taking the Solo Certification.

From download to certified in 30-days. Mike and Tom will show you how to achieve the Solo Certification within the trial period, showing the steps and resources available to new and existing customers. Learn more about the benefits of the DriveWorks community and take your design automation further with the free DriveWorks Solo Certification.

Join this webinar to learn about DriveWorks Solo and the benefits of taking the Solo Certification.

Youll have the opportunity to ask questions throughout and after the webinar.

The webinar will take place at 4pm BST on Thursday, April 16th.

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April 16th

4pm BST

Join Us!