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Design Solutions Webinar: Lower your Design Costs with DriveWorks!

Lower your design costs with DriveWorks!

Do you spend a lot of time creating variations of existing designs? Then you can save time and money by investing in DriveWorks.

Repetitive design tasks for models that are just a little bit different needlessly take up an engineer’s time and increase the risk of human error. After all, such tasks are not exactly inspiring. That’s why it is better to spend your engineers’ time on real innovation.

DriveWorks allows you to create rules for variations of an existing model. This allows even a layman to customize a SOLIDWORKS design with DriveWorks. Compare it with the online configurator of a car brand.

Marketing and sales employees and even customers can use DriveWorks to put together a product, for instance in a browser, and immediately see what it will cost. Without an engineer having to invest any time in it. DriveWorks automatically generates the necessary production drawings.

DriveWorks is suitable for a variety of products. Our DriveWorks customers make fences, playground equipment, garden rooms, roof racks, level gauges, lubrication systems, theater seats and more. DriveWorks works for small products as well as complete plants.

Interested? Then register for this 20-25 minute webinar in which Design Solutions expert, Arne shows the added value of DriveWorks.

Be sure to sign up for this webinar if you:

– Are an Engineering / Innovation / Design Manager and want to reduce the costs and lead time of product variations

– Make lots of variations of essentially the same products

– Want to let salespeople or customers compose products themselves, for example in an online shop

– Design large installations consisting of predefined components

– Want to avoid mistakes in manual designs

– Want to free up more time for real innovation

Join Design Solutions for this free webinar delivered in Dutch on Thursday 6th May, 1pm BST.